About Us

Welcome to QuietKat Off Road Electric Vehicles.
Redefining the trail riding experience, QuietKat is the ultimate vehicle for hunting, trail riding and for getting to locations you cannot get to with a car or truck.

Based in Eagle, Colorado, USA, QuietKat Off Road Electric Vehicles are powerful, offering ultimate in control, while providing hours of trail riding fun. These stylish vehicles are custom built and come with a variety of options. Contact us today.

Why We Developed QuietKat

  • Being stealthy getting in to the hunting area is just one aspect of being a successful predator hunter.

  • Keeping out of sight once you get to the location is even more important. One way to keep your visibility from wary eyes is to utilize terrain and camouflage to mask your presence.

  • Provide easy access to locations that are hard to get to by using trails that are impassable for a truck.