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 Want to become a QuietKat dealer or distributor and take advantage of the incredible boom in e-bikes? There’s never been a better time!

QuietKat is an all-terrain e-bike brand that focuses on design, innovation, high-quality components, and offers fantastic customer service and warranty programs. QuietKat is the ideal partner for brick and mortar retailers, as well as high performing e-commerce websites. We offer all-terrain e-bikes and accessories for every style of rider

We offer strong margins and terms! We have a great marketing support team, and we assist our dealers with displays, brochures, flyers, catalog design, and promotional materials. QuietKat is routinely covered in some of the biggest press outlets out there, such as the The Verge, Engadget, Motely Fool, Electrek, Outdoor Life, Bicycling Magazine, at more!

Take advantage of the boom in Electric Bikes