The 5 Best Electric Bike Trails In Eagle, CO

Last week Eagle County announced that electric bikes were permitted on all trails in the area. Needless to say, as an electric bike company, we were more than excited about this news. Eagle, Colorado has an extensive list of trails you can go check out. Here are some of our staff favorites.

Redneck Ridge

Red Neck Ridge offers some of the best single track riding in Eagle. The climb up Boneyard is fairly gradual. The trail continues to climb until it again meets up with Bellyache Road. At this point the trail provides framed views to New York Mountain. The descent on Red Neck Ridge is winding and again fairly gradual. There are two points where the trail splits. Take either trail as they will merge again shortly after. The downhill on the last half mile gets much steeper and looser. Ride in control on this last section. redneck ridge eagle colorado


The Haymaker Trail incorporates everything from fast, flat lower sections to a steep, windy slalom-style descent. In between, you’ll find several moderate climbs, rock bridges, windy berms, and some fun rollers. Add on a lap through the adjacent BMX track to round out your ride. Haymaker is Eagle’s most popular beginner trail, this trail should be ridden counter-clockwise. Follow the arrows!
haymaker trail eagle, colorado Haymaker Trail

Abrams Ridge

Abrams Gulch/Ridge is a great ride that offers a shorter version of West Eagle. The ride only has one section of steep climbing, and the downhill on Abrams Ridge is fun and challenging. Abrams Gulch is a very mild climb with some scenic portions including historic Abrams settlement. After crossing Abrams Creek, which may be deep depending on the season, the trail climbs steeply for a short distance to intersection marker 7. The section between intersection markers 7 and 14 offers the best views and scenic qualities. The ride down Abrams Gulch has some steep downhill that can be quite technical with some exposure. Parking is recommended at the Eagle Ranch Pavilion.
abrams ridge eagle colorado View from Abrams Ridge

Pool & Ice Rink

This section is very steep and riders should stay in control, we are talking 500 feet of 30° downhill slope! The trail flattens out at the base and then does a short climb up to Upper Kaibab area and then down to the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink where the trail ends at the recreation path. This trail can be ridden in both directions but it is highly recommended to be ridden from Boneyard to Pool/ Ice Rink. *Alternate route: Some people like to ride up Bellyache Road instead of the Boneyard trail to the Pool & Ice Trail.

Turniphead – Mayer Gulch – Bailey Ride

This trail is a great introduction to mountain biking in Eagle. Along with Riddle/ Wall this trail demonstrates the challenges and joys of the sport, all within a short, closed loop. Descending Turniphead is a fun, easy single track. After crossing the creek on the bridge provided the trail makes a short climb. At the intersection with Mayer Gulch the trail begins a long, steady climb up Mayer Gulch. Beware of downhill riders while climbing. The trail has a short downhill around the 2.5 mile mark and then slowly climbs Second Gulch. Bailey offers first a semi-steep climb and then a steep downhill section that brings the rider back to the parking area.
turnip head Mayer Gulch

Now that electric bikes are permitted on these trails it’s your time to go check them out.

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