The 2020 QuietKat Holiday Gift Guide

The sun never sets on an outdoor adventure. No matter what the view is out the front door, there’s a reason to get out and explore. E-bikes have the power to take us deeper and push the corners of our map, somehow making the world feel so much bigger yet more familiar and close at the same time. Part of getting out there is making sure every piece of gear that comes along is meaningful and useful. So, when you’re considering what to get your favorite hunter or recreationalist (or maybe yourself) for Christmas, take a closer look at the gear that goes further.

The QuietKat 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is—we’d say—equal parts our most popular giftable items and our personal wish lists. And, if you’re thinking of making a grand gesture, pre-order a 2020 Ridgerunner Electric Mountain Bike and knock the socks right off of them!

Cargo Trailers and Racks

Single Wheel Cargo Trailer: easily attaching to the rear axle of your e-bike, the single wheel cargo trailer is perfect for packing in large items and packing out elk, deer, or anything else up to 100lbs. Because it’s only as wide as the bike itself, it’s easy to maneuver in tight areas. Pro tip: check compatibility before buying.

Two Wheeled Cargo Trailer: this is the ultimate accessory for getting a harvest out of the field and transporting heavy and awkward loads using an electric bike. It’s the most stable and easy to load trailer we make, and the secure connection to the rear axle keeps things in place on rough terrain. Just like we recommend for the Single Wheel Cargo Trailer, check for compatibility.

Gator Gripp HD Rack: meet the easiest way to quickly attach and carry a bow/gun, shovel/tool, fishing prod, and more. Simply pull the strap to open the jaws and insert your gear. Let go and the grip instantly self-adjusts.

Bike Accessories

Tannus Armour Tire Insert Package: sitting between the tire and inner tube, the Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top along with 2mm of sidewall protection. It also provides increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable, and enjoyable ride even in the harshest conditions.

Vee Studded Tires: this is the go-to tire for grip. Excellent in snow, dirt, sand, and even a desert river bed, its large and strategically-spaced tread blocks take a new and sophisticated approach to finding traction.

Handlebar Phone Holder: attach a phone to the handlebars of an e-bike so you’re never without connectivity. Keep it close for photo opportunities, to stay in control of the music, follow a GPS, and more. Coming to our website in early December.

Explorer 900 Bike Light: the ultimate headlight for electric bikes features a combination of red and white lights for stealth access and visibility. With a 60-lumen white light, a 300-lumen red color light, and a brightness selection, it serves every purpose.

Realtree™ Front & Rear Fenders: easy-to-attach front and rear fenders keep an electric mountain bike clean and dry in wet and muddy conditions.


Quick Konnect Rack and Bag (2x) Package: this is the best way to carry a full gear setup. Compatible with all QuietKat e-bikes, the system uses a patented attachment system to easily mount and remove the bags from the bike. They can be mounted on each side of and top of the Rear Rack which mounts to the seat stay of the bike.

Roll Top DryPack: the essential accessory for any electric bike is water-resistant, has a laptop sleeve, is crafted from a high-frequency fabric, and backed with polyurethane. The main compartment of the backpack is kept almost air-tight with the roll-top construction. Inside is an organization panel to keep smaller belongings, devices, and up to a 14″ laptop secure and ready to use.

Bike Maintenance

Bike Cover: instead of leaving an electric mountain bike to the mercy of the elements, our new bike cover keeps your adventure mobile in perfect shape in the wind, the rain, and the snow (just make sure the battery doesn’t get too cold). Coming to our website in early December.

MucOff Cleaning Products: together, the Waterless Wash, Ultra Corrosion Defense, All Weather Chain Lube, and Matte Finish Detailer is the perfect starter kit for the rider in your crew that always somehow ends up muddier than the rest.

Apparel and Extras

Gore Cargo Cooler 50L: designed to fit snugly in the QuietKat Single Wheel Cargo Trailer, this cooler is a great way to carry food and drinks and keep them cold for days on end. It also doubles as a dry bag and is great as a soft, secure, and waterproof compartment to shield gear from the elements.

QuietKat Buffs: a neck gaiter with all the QuietKat style is the perfect stocking stuffer.

QuietKat HFCE T-Shirt: this soft, heather gray tee puts a love of the wild on display.

QuietKat Icon Hat: made with high-quality materials, the QuietKat Patch Hat features a black and white patch on top of a multicam black pattern hat and brim. And it’s adjustable, so one size fits all!

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