A QuietKat Electric Bike on Your Boat? Absolutely.

You’ve finally reached port. It was a fair-weather sail, but it’s always a good feeling to finally dock. It’s also a great feeling when your feet touch dry land. It’s time to restock the galley so you head off into town on foot. But soon this walking thing sucks. You already know your bags are going to be heavy on the way back, it’s going to take forever, and you've already begun to sweat. This wasn't supposed to be a cardio-heavy workout, it was supposed to be a relaxing walk on dry land. But that's okay. You have a QuietKat electric bike. QuietKat electric bike

A QuietKat electric bike stows easily on your boat.

Heading back to your boat, you retrieve your nicely folded QuietKat Voyager electric bike in its hard case. Fortunately, it also has pannier bags for supplies. Before you know it, you're cruising into town with the wind blowing through your hair. Now this is more like it.

QuietKat makes the beach your new favorite place to ride.

Later, you ride your QuietKat along the sandy shore. Your Voyager glides effortlessly along the sand. Then you have the idea to go fishing at the sweet spot you saw on your way into town. The fish don't seem to bite, but now that you've brought your QuietKat, there's no long, depressing hike back to the boat; instead, there's still some joyriding left to do. The treads on the Voyager's fat tires grip and pull the sand, giving you a nice, leisurely ride. Naturally, your legs and feet get a little sandy, but it beats having to trudge and pedal your way down the shoreline. Not even the waves washing up on the beach get in the way of the QuietKat's powerful traction, so you can get closer to the water, enjoy the cool, brisk sea spray, and feel just like a kid at the beach again. QuietKat off road electric bike

QuietKats are environmentally friendly.

When riding your QuietKat electric bike around the island or any natural habitat, you don't have to worry about harming the environment. Unlike an ATV, electric bikes do not produce emissions, noise, or vibrations that could damage delicate flora or erode soil, so you can have fun and think green at the very same time. Your trip takes you across the island to a swamp, so you know you'll be dealing with more wetland and mud. Because you've barely used a third of your QuietKat's 20-mile range, you can just throw the motor into full-gear and let the bike continue to pull you along the treacherous terrain while you enjoy the scenery. Huzzah! You almost feel guilty. The lack of physical effort and the all-terrain functionality of your QuietKat make your journey shamelessly enjoyable. As the sun begins to set, it's time to call it a day. You bike back to your boat and store your gear, fold up your bike and stow it on deck. You don’t have to worry about the salty air and sea spray eroding the metal on your electric bike. That’s because your QuietKat Voyager is specially treated for resistance to salty air and other environments. Your bike will make it safely back home, in one piece, ready to ride again another day (or even that same evening). With a QuietKat Voyager or a Bandit electric bike, you'll never have to dread dry land again.
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