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Tannus Armour Tire Insert Package


MSRP : $69.00


Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding. Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection from sharp objects and rocks. Tannus Armour gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable, and enjoyable ride as well.

We went with Tannus because they have been at the forefront of innovation in tire technology since 2003 and are the #1 brand of airless tire technology in the world. At the heart of Tannus is their patented Aither Technology. Aither is a multi-cell foam compound that forms the structure of the Armour. If you’re tired of carrying spare tubes and worrying about flat tires, then it’s time to upgrade to run-flat technology. 


  • STOP BUYING & PATCHING TUBES: The Tannus patented foam insert is engineered to stop punctures while improving the comfort of your ride
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Professional Mountain Bike teams use Tannus Armour to ride harder without fear of pinch flats or thorn punctures
  • RUN-FLAT TIRES: These inserts convert your tires to run even when flat so you can finish your ride and get home whether you have air or not
  • BETTER HANDLING THAN SOLID RUBBER: Tannus armor tire inserts improves your handling and allows for precision level turning