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Whether you’re hunting for turkeys in spring or fall, here are a few tips to make sure you bag the best tom of your life. And how a QuietKat electric hunting bike can help you get the job done.

Preparation is key to hunting turkeys in spring or fall, and the most important thing is to scout. Get into the woods before dawn several days before your hunt and listen. Don’t call, just listen and find out where the turkeys roost.

Get an idea of the patterns the turkeys in your woods are following, because when you can roost a tom, you know where to hunt the next day.

Find out where the hens are feeding – that’s where the toms will be strutting. Once you find the hens, find a spot within shooting distance to set up your blind, because the toms will always come looking for hens. Be patient and one will eventually show up.

Remember that turkeys have an incredible sense of sight. One wrong move on your part and they’ll be on the run. Learn to operate a diaphragm call and keep it in your mouth so you won’t have to reach for anything.

Mornings aren’t the only great time for hunting. One of the best times to hunt is late in the evening and even in the afternoon. So yes, basically all day.

The QuietKat Advantages

  1. Camo. A QuietKat helps you blend into the flora. Your QuietKat electric hunting bike is nearly silent and if you choose a camo body with camo fenders, you’re barely detectable to the wildlife.
  2. Racks for guns and bows. Mount your weapons strategically with fast-on, fast-off grips.
  3. Cargo trailers to haul your gear in and your turkeys out of the woods.
  4. Speed. Reduce your hour-long walk to about 10 minutes. And with fat tires, you can take on nearly any geography. Plus, you can opt to get a little legwork in or not – use the bike without power, completely motorized, or with pedal assist for power when you need it most, like going up hills (or when you’re dead tired after a full day in the woods).
  5. Bike lights. Getting into the woods and setting up in your blind at dawn means heading out in darkness. It’s nice to have a light on the front of your bike so you don’t tangle with a boulder, tree, or careen off a slope.
  6. Just enough power but not too much. Many QuietKats are 750 watts, which makes them legal to use on most state lands. More powerful bikes require registration in most states. We also have 1000 Watt bikes if you need the extra power.

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Turkey Hunting on a QuietKat