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How a Folding Electric Bike Makes a Weekend Easy

Before owning an electric mountain bike ever crossed your mind, had you tried to treat yourself to a fun weekend outdoors only to overlook something?

Say you planned a weekend fishing trip to your favorite spot across the lake. You reach the dock and unload your regular mountain bike only to realize now that it doesn’t fit in your boat. Home is too far to drive back and the last thing you want to do is leave it behind. Now what?

If you had a QuietKat folding electric bike instead of one that didn't, you’d simply fold it up, store it, and go. But sadly, it looks like it’s back to the house.

A QuietKat can go anywhere.

Your QuietKat off-road folding electric bike will get the job done; it doesn’t matter if you’re going fishing, hunting, joy-riding, sight-seeing, or trail-blazing. Its fat tiress will grapple with and propel you over sand, dirt, gravel, and just about any other surface. You’ll never have to worry about your frame rusting, either: QuietKats utilize stainless hardware and aluminum tubular framing that are rust-resistant.

Both the Bandit and the Voyager have folding frames and folding steering columns to provide you with maximum portability. Gone are the days of taking a chance and praying your mountain bike fits.

It can challenge and relax you.

Every QuietKat folding electric bike is equipped with an electric motor, but you don’t have to use it. Challenge yourself and tackle that hill or relax as your QuietKat pulls you up the slope.

Its electric motor will take you up to 20 miles-per-hour without any pedal assistance. Just imagine cruising down a sandy beach to your favorite fishing spot without breaking a sweat, folding up your bike, and fishing away! It’s the perfect balance of exercise and enjoyment. How’s that for a weekend off?

And it’s ready to carry your gear.

Your QuietKat electric bike will do wonders for your trip’s logistics. Naturally, you’ll want to bring other supplies and equipment along when you ride; in the case of fishing, you’ll want portable storage room for tackle, bait, knives, extra line, snacks, water, and more so you can move from spot to spot with ease and efficiency.

Combine a QuietKat folding electric bike with a pannier bag or a handlebar bag and you’ve got the ultimate supply train. No more cumbersome luggage to haul around.

Make your weekends stress-free with a QuietKat electric bike.

You work hard during the week. A leisurely, stress-free weekend outdoors is not too much to ask. Take some time to browse our store and find the perfect electric bike; it's time for some shamefully effortless weekends.

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