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How to Ride an Electric Bike with a Trailer

Trailers are becoming an invaluable eBike add-on for everyone, from commuters to hunters. Whether you're riding to work, heading off on an Overlanding trip, or out for a day's fishing, a trailer can help you haul heavy, bulky items that won't easily fit onto a pannier rack. 

If you're new to riding with a trailer, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how an eBike trailer can make an ideal addition to your eBike adventure. 

Can an electric bike pull a trailer?

EBikes are an ideal vehicle when it comes to towing a trailer. A trailer makes it easier for riders to get up steep hills or travel longer distances while hauling extra weight. EBike trailers are essential for riders who want to use their eclectic bike to go hunting, fishing, or Overlanding

How powerful a motor do I need to pull an electric bike trailer?

Whether you're hauling camping equipment, hunting gear, or even a deer, an eBike trailer can help you tow it. With the right motor, electric bikes can make riding easier even while carrying a trailer full of gear in challenging terrain. An electric bike should have a motor of 750 watts or above to confidently carry heavy loads. All QuietKat electric bike models are 750 watts or above and can easily pull a trailer. 

When calculating how much weight you can carry, you should refer to the weight limit of both the trailer and the eBike model. Remember to consider your own weight and what you plan to haul when planning. Heavier riders who plan to transport heavy gear or kill uphill may need a bike model with 1000 watts of power.  

When choosing an eBike model, you may be comparing a hub-drive vs. a mid-drive motor. If you plan to hunt, camp, fish, or undertake other activities that need a lot of gear, you should choose a bike that can haul bigger loads. EBikes that use a mid-drive motor will generally provide better performance when towing a trailer. 

A QuietKat electric bike pulls a single-wheel trailer through the woods.

Types of electric bike trailers

Bike panniers have long been popular with cyclists for bike touring or for added storage on eBikes, but a trailer allows riders to carry bulkier and heavier gear with ease. There are several different types of trailers available, each suitable for different uses.

Single-wheel trailers

Single-wheel trailers are best suited to narrow trails and paths. A single-wheel trailer from QuietKat can still carry up to 100lbs, but they are more suitable for carrying lighter loads on routes where maneuverability is essential. Single-wheelers are only as wide as the bike itself, and they follow directly in line with your electric bike. 

A QuietKat single-wheel trailer is ideal for use off-road on a single track. These smaller trailers are also agile enough to allow hunters or overlanders to get to isolated spots that a bigger 4x4 offroad vehicle could never reach. A trailer like the QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel All-Terrain Is ideal if you need to haul gear in and out of the deep backcountry or forest.

A QuietKat electric bike with a two wheel trailer is parked on a dirt trail with a tent in the background.

Two-wheel trailers

Two-wheel trailers are ideal for carrying heavy loads and lots of gear. These are the go-to trailer for hunters and anglers who are traveling with bulky, heavy equipment. A two-wheel trailer is heavier and wider than a single-wheeler, so they're better suited to wide spaces and trails. Our QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Two Wheel All-Terrain Trailer features a 3-way adjustable rack system. The rack can be laid flat or angled to secure your load correctly, so these cargo trailers are stable and easy to load.

What do I need to attach to my electric bike to pull a trailer?

Most eBike trailers are designed with hitch arms that connect the bike and the trailer. These are usually compatible with a trailer axle. QuietKat trailers are compatible with our fat-tire eBikes, and any other eBike that has a 3/8" threaded rear axle.

Can you pull an electric bike trailer uphill?

Dragging a trailer uphill on a traditional bicycle would be near impossible, but with an eBike, you can make it look easy. However, there are some considerations riders should be aware of when pulling an electric bike trailer uphill. To start, be sure to tie your gear down properly, so it's secured before heading up and down steep inclines. 

Naturally, if you're using your motor to carry heavy loads up steep hills, your battery will also drain faster. Be sure to consider that when calculating how far you can travel on a single battery charge. If you're out on an extended camping or hunting trip and carrying heavy gear, it can be worthwhile to bring along a portable solar charge station or a second battery.

What to keep in mind when riding with an electric bike trailer

Towing a trailer on an eBike may seem like an unnecessary complication. You may have safety concerns or think that trailers add an extra layer of difficulty. However, if you follow a few essential tips, you can ride safely and efficiently while towing with an eBike.

  • Check the weight limits, and don't overload your eBike and trailer.
  • Secure gear properly within the trailer and strap it down.
  • Ensure you chose a trailer that is designed to attach to your particular eBike.
  • Choose a well-built, powerful eBike if you want to haul heavy loads - city or racing-style eBikes aren't suited for hunting or camping expeditions.
  • Travel with a puncture kit that can repair both your bike tires and trailer tires if necessary.

Load up and head out

Ebikes and trailers make a great team. If you love exploring the outdoors, it's a combo that can easily replace a quad or other off-road vehicle. Explore the full range of trailers and electric bikes at QuietKat to learn more.
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