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Mike Schoby tests the QuietKat Warrior in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana

Recently, Mike Schoby, a well-known author and outdoor veteran of the outdoor hunting community, who also serves as Publisher for a few different print and digital publications – as well as TV shows on the Outdoor channel - put to test one of our bestselling models, the 2019 Quietkat Warrior.

To do this, Mike took his Quietkat Warrior into the heart of the well known (and well respected) Bitterroot Mountains, which hail from the great state of Montana. To put it simply, Mike was blown away by the performance and efficency that the Quietkat Warrior provided him, on some of the most rugged terrain in the Rocky Mountains. To read more about Mike’s perspective on the performance, quality and key features of the Quietkat Warrior, checkout his article in the current Wheels Afield publication, which is Vol. 5 Issue No. 1.

For those who don’t know, Wheels Afield is a seasonal print-only publication focused on the vehicles that help us explore the remotest parts of the world, the adventure that unfolds when we get there, and the gear needed to get it done. Naturally, the team here at Quietkat was thrilled to read Mike’s notes, as we put a great deal of work and pride into our products, so that we can maintain our leadership position in the electric bike space, as the premier product for overlanding - helping folks explore more and go further.

For more from Mike Schoby, please find his videos anywhere online across youtube, facebook and twitter additionally Mike has no shortage of wonderful articles and publications online, so we encourage you to find and share his content. To learn more about our Quietkat Warrior please visit our latest 2019 model product page here, or visit our YouTube channel were we have a dedicated video on all the current 2019 Warrior features and components.

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