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QuietKat Electric Mountain Bike is Life-Changing for Outdoor Enthusiast with Mobility Issues

For outdoor enthusiasts with mobility issues, getting off the beaten path is a challenge. QuietKat electric mountain bikes help all hunters, fishermen and other outdoor lovers go farther and explore more, but for individuals struggling with injuries, they’re life-changing. Broken bones, muscle and tendon injuries, and chronic conditions which challenge mobility temporarily or permanently quickly come between outdoor enthusiasts and their favorite activities.

“A total game changer for anyone with mobility issues.”

A stress fracture to the foot that wouldn’t heal completely kept QuietKat customer Dylan Ingram out of the hunting and fishing game for years. Thanks to QuietKat’s Ranger 750 electric mountain bike, Dylan says, “I’ve finally got my life back.” Born in Baltimore, Maryland and a resident of Philadelphia for over 15 years, Dylan describes himself as a city boy with country likes and interests. His love for the great outdoors and his career have landed him in Northeast Ohio on a sprawling 82 acre property. Dylan loves the land. With 50 acres of agricultural fields and 32 of timber, Dylan has more than enough room to enjoy his life-long passions for both hunting and fishing. But Dylan’s passions for outdoor activities were limited after he suffered a stress fracture while caddying in 2012. Wearing a boot and cast for over three months, doctors told Dylan physical therapy wouldn’t be necessary. But as time passed and Dylan’s pain and discomfort grew, he knew something wasn’t right. The bone did not heal properly, and unfortunately for Dylan, he’s struggled with mobility issues ever since. With 82 acres, it became extremely difficult for Dylan to access his land, let alone participate in his favorite outdoor sports. He tried a handful of remedies to ease his discomfort and pain, like “fancy orthopedic shoes,” but nothing seemed to work. “I used to be really active prior to my injury,” says Dylan, “my mobility issues forced me to fish from my kayak rather than the shore, and hunting and accessing my land was impossible to do on foot.” Dylan’s mobility issues forced him to access the land in his large and loud Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. When Dylan found QuietKat electric mountain bikes everything changed. “total game changer for anyone with mobility issues.” Dylan’s first interaction with QuietKat happened when he saw professional outdoor guide Jim Shockey, raving about the bikes in his videos. “I had seen electric bikes before, but nothing quite like these QuietKats.” After doing some research and speaking with a QuietKat salesperson about special features designed to help with mobility issues, Dylan was certainly interested. “The thing that really stood out to me was the hand throttle. Other e bikes didn’t have that.” The unique feature of QuietKat’s hand throttle saved Dylan the pain he’d experience while pedaling due to his stress fracture. Dylan admits his first test-ride was emotional. “When I first got on the bike I started crying. I knew it would completely change my life.” Dylan says his QuietKat electric mountain bike is a “total game changer for anyone with mobility issues.” Since purchasing the QuietKat Ranger 750 about a month ago, Dylan’s been on the electric bike every day since - it’s completely changed the way he accesses his land. Dylan’s mobility issues don’t present much of an issue any longer, as he uses the QuietKat for a variety of outdoor activities: Hanging tree stands for hunting, carving out trails, performing trail maintenance, and more. Dylan’s mobility issues made it impossible to walk to stands, and quads and trucks were just too large, and loud. “As an archer or hunter, you can’t pull up to the base of a tree with a quad or truck,” says Dylan. QuietKat gets Dylan to the base of a tree with no problem and causes no disturbance to the wildlife. “The wildlife pays no attention to the bike. I’ve passed deer at 10 feet, and they don’t mind. It’s just so quiet.” QuietKat is great for commuting, too The QuietKat bike has not only been life-changing for Dylan’s mobility issues on his property, but for his commute to school as well. Parking on Dylan’s college campus is always limited, and walking to classes with his painful foot just isn’t an option. Dylan rides his QuietKat to class every day and it’s allowed him to get to and from academic buildings on campus easily. “People look at me like I’m driving a Rolls Royce. They see the bike, and they’re amazed.” Dylan no longer has to worry about limited parking and a painfully long walk. He parks and locks the bike right outside of the building where he attends class. “The bikes are great for commuters who’d rather not drive a car to work but don’t want to get all sweaty from riding a bike, or for those who are physically unable to.” An ordinary bicycle requires significant physical exertion, and for people with mobility issues, that’s always a challenge. Dylan says QuietKat has “given him his life back.” His mobility issues no longer present him with a long list of limitations - instead, Dylan is free to explore the great outdoors as he pleases. If your mobility issues have limited your outdoor adventures, discover how QuietKat electric mountain bikes can help you get your life back.
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