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QuietKat Electric Bikes Can Go Where ATVs Can't

You and your hunting partners are riding your ATVs through the forest down to another hunting site. This ground isn’t new to you - you’ve captured game here before, so you feel confident as you accelerate over the trails. But just as you're about to reach your destination, your journey comes to a screeching halt.

The area you thought you knew is now designated as a wildlife nesting area and off limits to ATV’s - so says the U.S. National Forest Service. It crosses your mind to just chug along anyway; who’ll know? But the Forest Service has its ways of busting trespassers and, after some debate among your friends, you head back to your truck. The bottom line is, your ATVs are just too heavy and too loud for the wildlife in this area and you have to respect the rules of the forest. But you could have gone down that trail on a QuietKat electric bike.

QuietKat Electric Bikes Are Quiet and Exhaust-Free.

ATV’s are notorious for excessive noise and exhaust emission. The federal agencies responsible for regulating all-terrain vehicle travel, like the U.S. Forest Service, are mandated to prioritize wildlife safety and prosperity over your off-road hunting and recreation. Many areas of wilderness (like The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado), are off limits to ATV’s. These protected areas may be nesting areas for endangered wildlife, include protected flora or any multitude of reasons. Some national parks even prohibit any type of off-road travel whatsoever through these areas; others only prohibit vehicles that emit excessive noise and other types of emission, like exhaust. The laws differ from state to state.

With a QuietKat electric bike, you don't have to worry about creating noise or emitting exhaust. The bikes are whisper-quiet, environmentally friendly, and optimized for hunting. Plus, you won’t leave a scent trail since you’re not walking and you can arrive at your destination in stealth mode (no loud noise that scares away wildlife).

ATV’s Are Cumbersome. Electric Bikes Are Not.

QuietKat Electric Bikes ATVs
Quiet Noisy
Battery powered, no exhaust Burning fuel creates exhaust
Portable Complicated to transport
Environmentally friendly Potentially harmful to the environment

ATVs require heavy-duty equipment to transport, such as an attachable trailer. A QuietKat can be stowed in the back of your pickup, any standard-sized SUV, or with their specialized bike racks that easily mount on top of your car. Some QuietKats are foldable and can be transported via boat or vehicle. QuietKats also weigh significantly less than ATVs, ranging from 50 to 75 pounds; your average ATV weighs almost six times that. This is a significant difference in the eyes of the U.S. National Forest Service and other national park services.

And QuietKat electric bikes will definitely get you deep in the woods. Their pedal-assist technology can carry you up steep hills and over rough terrain without any effort on your part while staying quiet and emission-free. The QuietKat's fat tires and hydraulic disc brakes provide great control and stability over traditionally difficult land, like sand and gravel.

If you're a hunter or just someone who wants to get deeper into the great outdoors, a QuietKat is an ideal tool to use for efficient and green travel that's not cumbersome or polluting like an ATV. Hunters will discover the mobility, portability, ease-of-use, and supply capabilities that come with riding a QuietKat on every hunting trip regardless of the season.

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