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This Deer Hunter Says His Quiet Kat is 'A Real Game Changer' 

Seasoned deer hunter, Don Higgins, has 40 years of hunting experience under his belt, and Don says for hunting, "access is everything." Don understands the difficulties hunters experience accessing their tree stands. Between leaving a scent trail and disturbing the wildlife with trucks, ATVs, or other sporting vehicles can really hinder the outcome of your hunting experience. For Don, QuietKat has changed all of that. QuietKat electric mountain bikes change the game for hunters as they leave behind minimal scent trail and help hunters get to their stands quickly and quietly with minimal disruption to nature and the surrounding animals. Don't believe it? Read Don's story for yourself. "On a frosty November morning back in 1979 I walked up to my first whitetail. That 9-point buck literally changed my life and gave it direction. I was soon reading everything I could get my hands on about deer hunting and spending untold hours in the woods. I dreamed of the day when I would kill giant bucks on a regular basis. With over 40 seasons in the deer woods, I have learned a lot and yet still have much left to learn. Some lessons have proven to be much more important than others. It took me a long time to figure it out but once I realized that having good access to a stand was every bit as important as where the stand is placed my success started to climb. Over the years I have heard all sorts of “rules” regarding how often one can hunt a stand before burning it out. A fairly common thought is to not hunt a stand more than once a week. In my opinion, it is not quite that simple. Some stands can be burned out in just a couple of hunts while others can be hunted every day the wind is right. The difference between these two scenarios is access. Access is everything! Not long ago a good friend told me about QuietKat electric bikes and said they are a real game changer. I don’t fall for everything I hear but this friend has tagged a lot of really good bucks and knows what he is talking about. It was enough to get me thinking about the possibilities and soon led to me getting my own QuietKat. I am absolutely amazed at the performance of my QuietKat. It goes further than I ever thought it would on a charge, goes a lot faster than I will ever ride it and handles rough terrain that I would never have dreamed of riding a bike over. These things are great but what exactly does my QuietKat do for me as a deer hunter? A LOT! With my QuietKat I can ride right up to many of my trail cameras rather than leaving a scent on the ground by walking. I can access my stands quietly without leaving a scent on the ground and hide the QuietKat in the weeds or brush a lot easier than I could an ATV. I truly believe that deer hunters spook more deer getting to and from their stands than they do while hunting in their stands. A QuietKat can certainly cut down on that. One of the greatest benefits of my QuietKat is that it allows me to keep other hunters guessing about my activities. As I have gained some notoriety as a deer hunter I have had to become more discreet with my hunting. With my QuietKat I can park my truck somewhere and easily ride the bike 3-5 miles away to another location, thus throwing off unscrupulous hunters who would be all too happy to move in and hunt in the tree right next to me. If you are currently accessing your stands with a noisy ATV you might consider a QuietKat. For me, it has been a real game changer."
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