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QuietKat Electric Mountain Bikes Save the Long Dreaded Walk for Hunters

QuietKat electric mountain bikes help you make the most of all your outdoor adventures, especially hunting. When it comes to this sport, there are tons of obstacles for hunters to overcome. The long-dreaded walk to your stand, the scent you give off to animals along the way, and loud motors from vehicles like ATVs and trucks, are just a few concerns for every hunting trip. QuietKat electric mountain bikes help solve the recurring concerns for hunters to provide the perfect solution for your hunting needs.

Why QuietKat electric mountain bikes are perfect for hunting

The technology and design of QuietKat’s all terrain electric mountain bikes give hunters a quieter approach with minimal scent trail. All QuietKat electric mountain bikes have a quiet motor ranging from 750w to 1000w that is suitable for nearly any terrain. The combination of quietness and power make the long-dreaded walk to hunting stands shorter, and less disruptive to the surrounding environment and animals. Another great benefit for hunters who use QuietKat electric mountain bikes is the minimal scent trail they leave behind. Reaching your hunting stand more quickly allows hunters to leave less scent trail, which is crucial to the sport’s outcome.

QuietKat electric mountain bikes make hunting easier for Lowe Creek Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiast family from Lowe Creek Outdoors are huge fans of QuietKat electric mountain bikes. Our all electric mountain bikes reduce the long-dreaded walk to their stands by a whole 30 minutes with minimal noise and disruption to surrounding animals. Lowe Creek Outdoors raves about how QuietKat electric mountain bikes get him and his children to their stands with little to no scent trail. This is their outstanding experience with our electric mountain bikes. “We own a landlocked 40 acres where we do most of our deer hunting. It is in a prime location in west central Wisconsin. We have been hunting this particular tract of land for 20 years now. We have very nice neighbors who let us use their property to access ours. As a show of respect, we walk to and from our land as to not disrupt their hunting and scare off game by using an ATV or truck. The problem we face is that the walk is considerably long. At a medium pace it takes about a half hour to reach our stands from the road. It is nearly impossible to reach the base of the tree without breaking a considerable sweat, especially wearing size 13 boots! This totally defeats the purpose of our scent free efforts such as showering with the proper soaps prior to each hunt, keeping clothing in airtight containers, and spraying down everything before walking into the woods. We have tried carrying our clothing and dressing near the stand, wiping down with scent free towels form the top of the tree, almost everything. It was a real hassle and stressful, to say the least. When we saw the first TV commercial for the QuietKat, we knew that was the answer to our dilemma. We did a test run this summer and happily discovered that what once took 30 minutes will now take just over 3 minutes at a safe and controlled speed on the Warrior 1000 electric mountain bike. Equipped with the Hunter 800 Bike Light, Front & Rear Fenders, Pannier Rack & Bags, we are completely set to hunt, and most importantly, scent free and quiet. The QuietKat electric mountain bike is a true game changer for Lowe Creek Outdoors. We could not be more excited for the season to begin!” Eliminate your biggest hunting concerns so you can focus on the enjoyment of the sport. Reduce that long-dreaded walk to your hunting stand. Load up all of your heaviest equipment and reach the stand in minutes with a quiet motor and minimal scent trail. QuietKat electric mountain bikes are the perfect solution for all of your hunting needs.
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