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QuietKat Review From a Non-Hunter's Point Of View

Written By: Tyler Buscemi - April 14, 2017 Imagine you live in a rural area with a 1/4 mile long driveway and your mailbox is posted right at the end of it. Every day you have to muster up enough energy to make the walk to get the mail. What a drag, right? What if I told you I had a solution to make this daily task easier, faster & even fun. Introducing QuietKat! A portable, electric, all-terrain vehicle designed for outdoor recreational use. electric trike QuietKat was originally designed as a hunting access vehicle. In other words, a means of traveling to your hunting grounds (tree stand, ground blind, etc) quickly, quietly, and scent-free. Now I’m NOT a hunter, but I can see how having a QuietKat to access your hunting spot could increase your chances of shooting a monster buck. If you’re not making noise, you’re not leaving your scent behind, and you’re not sweating your ass off before sitting in one spot for the next 8 hours it only helps in being undetectable to whatever animal your hunting. Stealth is one of the most important fundamentals of hunting, QuietKat allows you to be stealthy, scent-free, and undetectable. quietkat electric hunting bike Besides being a quiet, stealthy, scent-free access vehicle, the QuietKat allows people with disabilities or outdoor enthusiasts without the ability to get off the beaten path to enjoy the things they love to do. That reason right there is what I truly LOVE about this product. It’s the best feeling in the world talking with someone about how the QuietKat changed their lives and gave them a chance to go hunting again. It’s inspirational to hear the stories about how the QuietKat gave a family member a chance to go hiking with their grandchildren. It’s eye-opening to see a disabled person do the things that were once imagined to be impossible. Personally I enjoy riding the QuietKat and the NEW FatKat because they are truly FUN. These machines are really fast and you can feel the power behind the electric motor. The new FatKats are a two wheeled version of the QuietKat, basically a bicycle on steroids, built for off-road terrain. People that know me well will tell you that I’m not the best mechanic, but QuietKat’s are built from the ground up with mainly bicycle parts, which I’m comfortable handling. electric hunting bike
More information can be found at, by visiting the QuietKat Facebook page, or by calling 970-328-2399. Thanks for reading and hope that you enjoy your QuietKat just as much as me.
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