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QuietKat Off Road Electric Bikes For Camping? Definitely.

Imagine you're taking your family on a camping trip. Not to that RV-style campground just off the interstate, but to a sweet spot you found hiking three years ago. You've just parked and your three children, having just endured an hours-long ride, exhale with relief. Here's the only problem: You're not actually "there yet." You parked in the public parking lot, but the campsite itself still awaits, only accessible through rough trails and wooded terrain your SUV or pickup can't traverse. Cue the tantrums. But it’s not a problem, because you have a QuietKat off-road electric bike.

QuietKat Off Road Electric Bikes Handle the Cargo

You pop the trunk and lay your eyes on the cumbersome cargo. You know your family can help but that you'll ultimately be responsible for hauling most of it. You unhinge your QuietKat RidgeRunner from the roof and hook up your QuietKat cargo trailer with its single-wheel design and reliable on and off-road maneuverability. The cargo trailer quickly attaches to the rear axle and your gear fits snugly within the confines of its carrying space. You pass off the rest of the gear to your wife and store your kids' snacks, water bottles, and other important items inside your QuietKat handlebar and pannier bags and begin your cruise to the campsite, making the trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

Your QuietKat Electric Bike is safe for the kids

Half-way through the journey, one of the kids gets tired and starts to complain about all the walking. You make an executive decision: Leave the gear (temporarily) and let the kids ride. You pad down the cargo trailer and make a car seat. Your QuietKat's rugged suspension, electric motor, and hydraulic disc brakes make your off-road ride safe, endurable, and enjoyable, especially for the kids. And when dusk hits, you mount your Path 1000 bike light on your bike and provide maximum visibility for you to head back down the trail and pick up the gear you left behind.

QuietKat Doesn't Disturb the Wildlife

Because all QuietKat off road electric bikes are environmentally friendly and powered by Lithium-ion batteries, your bike doesn't emit any harmful fumes or odors around you, your family, or the wildlife. You have confidence that you're not disturbing the delicate ecosystem of the deep woods. The QuietKat's fat tires and steady controls prove worthy over the rough terrain; for a moment, you think you're about to give your family a great Kodak moment riding down a rough patch of ground on the verge of wiping out only to recover and deny another embarrassing memory.

QuietKat Is Immensely Portable

When the time comes to pack up and head home, you enjoy the same versatility you did on the ride back. You latch your QuietKat off road electric bike on the super-duty bike rack that sits comfortably on top of the minivan (but if your wife would've let you buy that Ford F-150, you wouldn't even need the bike rack!). Regardless, the kids are comfortable in their car seats, your wife sits happily next to you, and, on the drive home, you realize one thing: camping with your big family isn't so impossible after all.
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