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QuietKat: The Most Efficient Shed Hunting Vehicle

Written By: Adam Parr, Transition Wild

Each Winter we eagerly await for shed hunting season to arrive but once it’s here, it seems as though it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Each Spring we set out in search of the “white gold” but often find limited time to put boots on the ground, with little to show for our efforts. When it comes to looking for whitetail shed antlers, efficiency matters at least for me. QuietKat, in my opinion, is the most efficient vehicle for shed hunting, period.

Shed hunting efficiency comes in two parts:

      1. Knowing where to look and spending the majority of time in those spots.
      2. Navigating the high probability areas as quickly and effectively as possible with the right plan and equipment.

Finding deer antlers is hard enough on its own, but because my hunting property is located in Western Kansas, there are an added set of obstacles that I must maneuver in order to be successful. Have you ever heard of the saying “showing up is half the battle”? This directly applies to my scenario as I have a six-hour drive from where I live in Colorado.

I approach each weekend's shed hunting endeavor as a mission-based approach with a set of guidelines; I have limited time, I’m new to the area, I live six hours away, and have a lot of ground to cover. Efficiency matters!


In addition to having an off-road suspension and a powerful electric motor, QuietKat is a great vehicle for covering multiple properties because of how portable it is. I have a few different farms that I hunt which are broken up into different sections of ground so I jump from property to property. Some of the sections are miles apart, others are closer together but traveling between them is super quick and easy to do because how quickly I can load and unload the QuietKat without the use of a trailer.

The QuietKat is extremely lightweight and compact so I can easily load it into the back of my truck and quickly drive to the next farm where I can be off and running in no time at all. This is extremely helpful, especially when I have so much ground to cover in a short amount of time.

Covering Ground

I would consider myself to be in pretty good physical shape and have absolutely no problem walking the entire day on rolling farm ground. Living in Colorado, I have become acclimated to the mountains where the air is thin and the terrain is rough, making Kansas much more forgiving. But remember, to my point of efficiency, I have limited time and I don’t have the luxury of walking out my back door to my whitetail hunting property. QuietKat is my go-to vehicle to effectively cover the most ground in the least amount of time.

When it comes to shed hunting large crop fields in Western Kansas, walking is simply not the best option for two main reasons:

      1. Flat Terrain: Most of the landscape is flat so there is no vantage point from where you can glass an entire field and then set out on foot to retrieve the shed. I’ve found the best strategy is keep moving and glass periodically, which makes the QuietKat the perfect tool for my particular application.
      2. Large Acreage: Crop fields are usually large tracts of land which range in size from 20 – 100 acres. If I were to walk a 100-acre flat field, it would literally take a few hours of grid searching to make sure I effectively covered the area. QuietKat drastically minimizes the amount of time it takes to canvas a field and increases my efficiency, which ultimately helps me find more antlers!

quietkat prowler electric trike

When it comes to shed hunting, it really comes down to a numbers game. QuietKat allows me to shed hunt efficiently and effectively with my limited time and resources. So get out there and do some shed hunting of your own and let me know what you find! Tis the season for shed hunting!

-Adam Parr

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