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QuietKat Electric Mountain Bikes: Not Your Average EBike

QuietKat electric bikes are purpose-built for deeper access to the great outdoors. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go farther and explore more, QuietKat electric mountain bikes have a unique set of features that improve your hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking experience. Whether you need to haul 300 pounds of hunting gear or want a play vehicle for family excursions, our unique line of non-assisted, all-terrain electric mountain bikes suit a variety of outdoor wants and needs. Not your average electric bike, this is what makes QuietKat electric mountain bikes complete game changers.

Electric mountain bikes that carry up to 325 lbs.

QuietKat electric mountain bikes transport you and your gear seamlessly. Whatever gear you need to carry, QuietKat can handle it. Perfect for hunters who need to carry their gear in, and get their game out, our bikes carry up to 325 lbs. Transport hunting equipment, tents, sleeping bags, camping accessories and more. If our bikes can’t carry it alone, our trailers hold an additional 80 lbs. QuietKat electric mountain bikes provide secure, efficient transportation for all of your gear, keeping your equipment safe even in unmaintained terrains.

Quiet yet powerful e-bike motor that leaves a minimal scent trail

All QuietKat electric mountain bikes have a quiet motor ranging from 750w to 1000w that is suitable for nearly any terrain. Quiet, yet powerful, our all-terrain electric mountain bikes completely optimize your hunting experience. Hunters save the long-dreaded walk to reach their stands and get there in nearly half the time. Not only is the travel-time to stands significantly reduced, your access to the deep woods is quiet and less disruptive to the surrounding environment and animals. Leave minimal scent trail, and reach your stand quickly and quietly.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Unlike other bikes that use mechanical disc brakes, QuietKat electric mountain bikes have hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes rely on hand-strength for stopping power. Hydraulic disc brakes use a master cylinder and hydraulic fluid to provide much stronger braking power and control. Ideal for riding mountainous terrains or travelling steep descents with heavy loads, QuietKat electric mountain bikes give you complete control and stopping power to transport you and your gear safely and efficiently.

Air and Coil Suspension

QuietKat electric mountain bikes have air or coil suspension, depending on which model you choose. Coil suspension forks, like that in our Ambush LT 750, provide an extra element of comfort and control. Air suspension forks, like that in our Ridge Runner 750, allow for adjustable air pressure. This allows heavier riders to add more air for more support. The air and coil suspensions in QuietKat electric mountain bikes allow you to experience a ride that suits your unique needs. Go farther. Explore more, and get off the beaten path. Enjoy the unique features that make QuietKat electric mountain bikes the best choice for all of your outdoor adventures.
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