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Go Further, Explore More

With Stealth.

On a QuietKat, you have the advantage with a nearly silent approach and no scent trail.

Quietly check your hunting cameras, easily get to your blinds, and go deeper in the woods than you can easily walk to.

With up to 25 miles on one charge and plenty of accessories like cargo trailers, bags, and racks, QuietKat gets your gear in and your game out without a hassle.

And a QuietKat will get you wherever you want to go and in any kind of weather: off road or on road, rough terrain or clear paths, foul weather or fair.

QuietKat has a full line of accessories to help you haul game and gear and avoid hassles.

Choose from extra batteries, chargers, pannier bags and racks, cargo trailers, handlebar bags, dry packs, daypacks, fenders, Rhino grips, bike lights, bike racks, on-the-trail maintenance tools, and more.

Ride Up Steep Inclines With Ease.

QuietKat mountain bikes are surprisingly well-balanced for climbing steep hills in rugged terrain. Gear down, start pedaling, open the throttle and take it on! Just don’t let that front tire leave the ground.