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MSRP : $389.00.00


2020 QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel


  • Model: 20QKCTSW
  • UPC #:609832636571
  • Single wheel design provides excellent stability and maneuverability
  • Suspension for off-road travel in rugged terrain
  • Cargo Trailer quickly attaches to the rear axle
  • 14”x 24” of cargo space
  • 20”x 4” tire handles mud, snow, sand, and more
  • Weight is 34 pounds 

The 2020 QuietKat Cargo Trailer is perfect for packing in large items and packing out elk, deer, or anything else up to 100lbs on your QuietKat electric bike. The cargo cart is only as wide as the bike itself, making it easy to maneuver in tight areas. The trailer comes with BOB axle attachments.

New for 2020 

  • Pannier Rack: Increases cargo load and provides additional stability
  • Solid Mesh Cargo Liner 
  • Dual-Post Kickstand: Ensures your trailer is secure while parked, loading, or unloading


  • 2020 VOYAGER | 2020 RIPPER | 2020 WARRIOR


  • 2020 APEX | 2020 RIDGERUNNER | 2020 JEEP | 2020 

For use with other electric bikes, you will need a BOB Axle from the Robert Axle Project.

Click the link below to find your axle:

Robert Axle Project - Select the correct axle for your bike 

  • Storage - 14”x 24” of carrying space for packing in extra gear (coolers, bows, camping gear, hunting equipment, firewood) or packing out large items like game meat.
  • Narrow design: The Cargo Trailer is only as wide as your QuietKat E-bike, so it moves with you and can fit into tight and cramped spaces.
  • 20” x 4” All-Terrain Tire
  • Single tire design: More stable and easier to maneuver than two-wheel trailers that have a tendency to flip over on rougher terrain.
  • Easy setup: The quick-latch system can be attached in seconds to your rear post with screws on the rear axel.
  • Rear suspension: A smoother ride on rougher terrain while off-trail in the backcountry
  • Great for hunting, fishing, camping, the beach, deliveries, small businesses, etc.