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QuietKat electric bikes and electric trikes are made tough for use in the great outdoors.

They are visually aligned with the aesthetics of law enforcement and the defense industry and are designed to military standards.

Our electric bikes are built for power, performance, and longevity to withstand the toughest environments:

Sand, ice, snow, rain, dirt, and mud. A QuietKat electric bike is equally at home in the desert or marina as it is in the deep forest or city.

With our high powered batteries, fat tires, and ability to carry heavy loads up to 25 miles, the power and performance of QuietKats are proven every single day in every type of landscape and condition. Our electric bikes deliver high power and torque while allowing silent travel into areas without alerting violators in the immediate vicinity.

“The QuietKat electric bike has been used to make poaching cases and has been used for public safety/EMS responses as well.” See the story of how an Idaho Department of Fish and Game officer performed a medical evacuation on a QuietKat.

“One case was reported of illegal baiting of deer behind locked gates, and Officer Leclerc utilized the FatKat to sneak up on the violator and ticket the individual.”  See the story of how the Michigan DNR utilizes QuietKat electric bikes on patrol.

electric bikes for law enforcement

QuietKat electric trikes and electric bikes can be used by:

  • Municipal Police
  • Beach patrol officers
  • Rural law enforcement
  • Tribal law enforcement
  • Fish and Wildlife officers
  • Department of Environmental Resource officers
  • Park Rangers
  • Forest Service officers
  • Forest Protection Officers
  • DEP officers
  • Game Wardens
  • U.S.Military applications

and any officer tasked with patrolling and enforcing laws and regulations on large areas of open land.

electric bikes for police departments
electric bikes for police
electric bikes law enforcement

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