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Get off the beaten path with QuietKat.

Exploring a forest path with your camping gear in tow, searching for that perfect campsite, is quite the adventure.

Some hikers and campers like to go where few have gone before.

Others like a more casual experience. No matter which camp you’re in, get there faster, as quietly as a cat.

With easy-to-handle, powerful, comfortable QuietKat electric bikes, it’s a breeze to haul tents and poles, provisions, clothes, a kayak, or whatever else you need to set up camp for a weekend in the woods. And with our full line of accessories for your electric bike like racks and bags, you’ll keep it all easily secured.

A QuietKat electric bike or trike is also a blast on the beach! The Bandit with folding frame and steering column, is easy to stow in your boat or RV.