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Planning Your Electric Bike Overlanding Adventure

Are you ready for your next adventure?

If you love the thrill of riding in rugged terrain, then electric bike overlanding could be your next challenge.

If you're not familiar with this activity, overlanding is a vehicle-based activity that allows you to travel both on-road and off-road. It’s one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors. Bike touring on an all-terrain e-bike is a fantastic option for adventure travelers who prefer to ride than to hike on foot.

Traveling on an electric bike allows you to go further, faster, and see more without a traditional mountain bike's physical strain and constraints. But, just like hiking or mountain biking, e-bike overlanding is all about enjoying the journey while being self-reliant in nature.

What is the point of Overlanding?

Adventuring in the great outdoors has never been more appealing. After months stuck at home, many of us crave some fresh air and a change of scenery. While you can easily drive or hike in deserts or forests, you can miss many of the best sights if you stick to the main parks, roads, and trails. By riding instead of driving you can skip the traffic, skip hunting for parking spots, and get to those hard to reach off-road locations.

Off-road exploring on an electric bike offers you all the unrestricted benefits and thrill of mountain biking, but with a lot less exertion. You can take the path less traveled and go further and faster with ease.

How do I start Overlanding?

Think you're ready to set off on an overland adventure?

Pump those brakes!

If you're brand new to e-biking, then you won't be ready to head straight to the wilderness. Before setting off for a long haul ride, get acquainted with the balance and power of an e-bike. Even if you’re an experienced mountain biker, it's essential to adjust to riding a powered bike in a leisurely setting before you attempt to ride off into the mountains.

Once you're accustomed to the bike itself, you can start planning for the unique challenges of overlanding. If you've been mountain biking or overnight hiking before, it won't be too hard to adjust to the lifestyle of e-bike overlanding. But if you're a newbie, there's a fair amount of learning and prep involved before you can safely head off into the wild.

It’s easy to day-trip on an e-bike, but the appeal of overlanding usually comes from camping overnight and being at one with nature. You'll need to prepare carefully for exposure to the elements when planning an e-bike adventure. Research and bring appropriate camping gear, a dry pack, and enough food and water to be self-reliant.

If you're traveling with both a four-wheel off-road vehicle and an e-bike, you can easily transport your equipment and set off on day rides from an established camp. But if you're up for the challenge of traveling overnight with just your powered bike, you'll need to be well prepared and bring a can-do, problem-solving attitude.

E-biking eases the strain that comes from traveling with heavy gear, so you can easily haul tents, provisions, and everything else you need to set up camp for a weekend in the woods. You may need additional bike accessories to suit specific conditions, terrain, and itineraries. For example, longer, off-grid expeditions may require a solar-powered charger. When facing muddy conditions, accessories such as front and rear fenders, protect your bike from wet weather and surfaces.

No matter when, how, or where you decide to travel, be sure to do your research. Check out the local weather conditions, and carefully prepare for the logistics of both camping and riding.

What is the best electric bike to bring Overlanding?

There's plenty of e-bikes on the market, but most of them won't be suitable for adventuring in rugged terrain. If you like to get out and into the woods, the 2020 Jeep EBike Powered By QuietKat is the best electric bike for an all-terrain adventure. As the name suggests, this is the Jeep of e-bikes, perfect for your off-road excursions.

The Jeep EBike model comes with a range of features specially designed for adventure enthusiasts. The full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and fat 4.8" tires can help riders tackle even extreme routes. An ultra mid-drive motor houses the motor closer to the center of the bicycle, allowing for a better gear ratio, so you can gear up for the climb and navigate steep terrain with precision. You can easily attach our travel accessories such as racks, coolers, and bike panniers to transport all your gear.

What accessories do I need to bring my electric bike overlanding?

To transport your bike for your adventure, you'll need to add some accessories to your vehicle. The QK Single Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit By 1Up is ideal for carrying a single bike. This rack holds up to 150lbs and is the simplest and safest way to carry one electric bike on any vehicle. For those traveling with a pick-up truck, you'll want to attach a Quietkat STG Pickup Truck Tailgate Pad. This pad is perfect for groups, as it can carry up to five bikes securely in your pickup-truck and protect your tailgate.

What are you waiting for?

If you love the outdoors, remote travel, and adventure, then an electric bike overlanding trip is the activity for you. Whether you're heading for desert canyons, lush woods, or even sandy coastal terrain, an electric mountain bike can get you where you need to go. Take your overland bike out for the day or head off on a week-long bike-packing trip. Go faster, further, and climb higher, all while enjoying the journey.

Start preparing for your 2-wheeled overlanding adventure today with the QuietKat range of adventure e-bikes and accessories.

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