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One to Remember: Illinois Turkey Hunting with QuietKat

The stretch from spring 2020 to early 2021 was unlike any period of time I'd lived through before, and I was itching for something to satisfy my outdoor urges.

How to Clean and Maintain your Chain!

How To Clean And Maintain Your Chain from QuietKat on Vimeo.  

Vista Outdoor Makes Case for Passage of Nine Outdoor Recreation Bills Before U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

"The time to invest in the outdoors is now," Ferguson will tell the committee. "Millions of people ventured outdoors over the past 20 months. Some reconnected with their favorite pastimes, such as hunting or biking, while others engaged in a recreational activity for the first time, including more than 10 million first-time campers. This resurgence in outdoor activity has continued in 2021 and isn't expected to slow down. With so many new and existing participants venturing outside, it's incumbent upon leaders in the private and public sectors to adjust to these changing trends and creating an outdoor ecosystem that is more accessible, diverse and streamlined."

These are the 10 best gifts for adventure travelers this year, by USA Today 10Best

To find the best outdoor gear gifts for 2021, a panel of experts from USA Today selected 20 nominees, and then their readers voted for the 10 best.

Kansas Bowhunter Uses Speed Scouting, Rattling, and a Decoy to Tag a 195-Inch Rutting Buck

Parker Brown pulled out all the tricks to bring this incredible buck into bow range BY BOB MCNALLY | PUBLISHED NOV 12, 2021 9:46 AM Parker Brow...

"Hunting Matters" Podcast with Ryan Spinks, Brand & Product Specialist

You can listen to the podcast here. Published November 11, 2021By HuntingNews "Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welco...

John Myers column: Travis Birr gets back outdoors with donations

Written By: John Myers | 8:00 am, Aug. 26, 2021 "Readers may recall the story of Travis Birr, the Minnesota Army Reserve soldier who returned ho...

eBike Range: What to Know and How to Extend It

Range is one of the most important features you should consider when comparing eBike models.  E-Bike range can be hard to determine because it will...

Guide to Electric Bikes for Camping

Camping in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to disconnect from the stress of modern life and reconnect with nature.  But it's hard to tr...

Guide to Electric Mountain Bikes

With an eBike, you can tackle mountains that a traditional mountain bike couldn't handle. That’s just one of the many reasons that more and more riders choose electric mountain bikes. Read on to learn about the other benefits of an EMTB, and how they stack up against motor cross bikes as a cheaper and safer alternative. 

EMTB 101 Guide: Basic Techniques for first time electric mountain bike users

For outdoor enthusiasts, the appeal of an electric mountain bike is irresistible. The thrill of adventure, enhanced capabilities, and tough-as-nails durability are just some of the benefits of investing in an EMTB. 

If you're looking to dive into the exciting world of electric mountain biking then you've come to the right place. This EMTB 101 guide will help you learn about eBikes and select the best electric mountain bike for your lifestyle. 

Electric Bike Commuter Accessories: Gear to make that long ride a lot nicer

Commuting on an eBike is becoming increasingly popular as a fun alternative to hours spent in traffic. With the right commuter bike accessories, you can make your daily commute fun, comfortable, and so much easier than traditional cycling. 

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