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Reconnecting Roots: Adventures Beyond the Screen in Paradise Valley

Join the Pickett family's adventure in Paradise Valley, Montana, powered by cutting-edge QuietKat electric bikes.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, Kina Pickett shares a heartwarming tale of reconnecting his family with nature by using their electric bikes to adventure beyond the campsite and explore more of the great outdoors. 


We as a society are in danger of losing a childhood that is so important. It shapes who you are because the only thing that we have is these memories that we create.

My name is Kina Pickett.

We are here at our property in Paradise Valley, Montana. You know, I grew up in Vermont, my wife grew up in Northern Montana, and we were raised close to the land. And I feel like these days it's difficult.

Because of the distractions that the kids have. There are a lot of screens and iPads and iPhones and it just gets very distracting and the kids become obsessed with that stuff and We feel like this way of life where the children grow up close to the land is kind of disappearing.

The QuietKat bikes are just phenomenal for the way that they allow us to pack a lot of gear and go through pretty gnarly terrain sometimes too to get to some really cool places.

It's just an amazing way to kind of adventure as a family.

Being on screens, you're not creating any type of memories. It's very isolating.

And so we really try to push for these adventures that the kids enjoy, and being able to to pack everything up, quickly and to cover a lot of ground quickly and to get to these really beautiful locations in a short amount of time where the family is a really hard thing to do.

My kids are, you know, seven and nine right now and they're not gonna be able to pedal all day. So for us to, like, go to a high on Lake or River River that's kind of far away. It's kinda it's really difficult.

And especially carrying gears, not really gonna happen. And the QuietKats really enable us to get into some cool spots and take the kids. We're they can go fifteen, twenty miles and they'll be totally fine. And then we can take a beer with us too, you know, and it's just a really amazing way for us to adventure as a family.

We really want to teach our kids to respect this and understand this. You know, we feel My wife and I feel like this is a it's disappearing from culture right now and it's Something that we really want to make sure that our kids understand how lucky they are and how blessed we all are to get to adventure like this in these wild places.

You know, it's these experiences that, that we get to build together. And that's what's important to us.

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