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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with an All Terrain Electric Bike

Are you looking for an exciting way to explore the outdoors? Then look no further than an all terrain electric bikeThis type of electric bike is the perfect combination of convenience and fun, allowing you to navigate any type of terrain with ease. An all terrain electric bike offers an easy and eco-friendly way to explore trails, beaches, mountains, and more. 


Why An Electric UTV Can Be Replaced With A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

The concept of an electric UTV has been around for some time now, but many people don't realize that some electric UTV jobs can easily be replaced by a fat tire electric bikeAn electric UTV is a great vehicle for off-roading and recreation, but with the advances in technology, an off road electric bike has become a viable alternative. 


Embrace a New Way of Exploration: The Electric Cafe Racer by QuietKat

Are you tired of traditional biking? Look no further than the Lynx electric cafe racer by QuietKat. This innovative electric motorbike combines the best of both worlds – the classic style of a cafe racer and the efficiency of an electric bike. And the benefits of using an electric cafe racer for exploration are endless. Read on to learn more!

How To Sort Through The Best Ebikes For Sale

Don't miss out on the thrill and adventure that electric bikes offer with our premium selection of eBikes for Sale. Whether you choose a fat tire electric bike or another off road electric bike model, these QuietKat Ebikes will provide you with the durability, power, and maneuverability you need to conquer any trail, path, or road. 

Reconnecting Roots: Adventures Beyond the Screen in Paradise Valley

Join the Pickett family's adventure in Paradise Valley, Montana, powered by cutting-edge QuietKat electric bikes.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, Kina Pickett shares a heartwarming tale of reconnecting his family with nature by using their electric bikes to adventure beyond the campsite and explore more of the great outdoors. 

BikeRide Review: The QuietKat Jeep Rubicon

BikeRide recently reviewed the Jeep Rubicon Electric Bike and the verdict is in. Read on to find out what they had to say about this exciting new ride!

Gear For Deer Sweepstakes: QuietKat and The National Deer Association Raise Money For Wildlife Conservation

  Eagle, Colo. – QuietKat and The National Deer Association are excited to announce the launch of the "Gear For Deer Sweepstakes," a thrilling opp...

QuietKat Partners With First Lite And The National Deer Association To Launch A New E-Bike Aimed At Raising Money For Conservation

The First Lite Specter eBike combines QuietKat's engineering prowess and manufacturing with First Lite's Specter Camo design. It's ready for any terrain and powerful enough to make your pack-out incredibly easy, but this collaboration is about more than just tech. Eight percent of every First Lite Specter eBike sale (4% QuietKat and 4% First Lite) will go to the NDA.

QuietKat Launches the Cafe-Moto Inspired Lynx

The new Lynx represents the latest in full-suspension electric bicycles from the leader in off-road eBikes and is an innovative design that pushes the envelope of style and high-performance for the brand.

QuietKat Launches the Pivot Pro Hitch Rack

"When we first started designing the Pivot Pro Hitch Rack, we knew that it had to be as easy to use as the bikes we put on them. Safe, simple, strong, and they had to allow any user to load a bike by themselves. The new Pivot Pro does all of that and more."

QuietKat Announces All-New Variable Power Output (VPO™) For Expanded E-Bike Access and Increased Classifications

This new feature gives riders the ability to customize power output parameters based on the trails or areas they choose to ride. This optionality expands the reach of QuietKat eBikes and enables riders to adjust output to comply with regulations.

QuietKat To Boost Conservation Efforts With Special Programs

QuietKat To Boost Conservation Efforts With Special Programs QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE:...

QuietKat To Boost Support For Hunter Education

QuietKat Electric Bikes To Boost Support For Hunter Education QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE...

PA annonce l'accès aux vélos électriques sur toutes les pistes cyclables

Le Département de la conservation et des ressources naturelles de Pennsylvanie (DCNR) a récemment annoncé sa politique pour les vélos électriques, permettant l'utilisation de vélos électriques de classe 1 sur n'importe quel parc d'État et sentier forestier qui autorise les vélos traditionnels.

Nous avons baissé les prix pour élargir l'accès aux grands espaces

Dans l'esprit de notre mission de construire les vélos électriques tout-terrain les plus performants de la planète et de permettre aux amateurs de plein air de mieux accéder aux grands espaces, nous sommes fiers d'annoncer un baisse de prix permanente jusqu'à 15 % sur les vélos électriques QuietKat !

Série de courts métrages : Big Buck Down

Allez dans les coulisses avec l'un des ambassadeurs du vélo électrique de QuietKat et voyez ce qu'il faut pour retrouver un énorme dollar en Géorgie !
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