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Electric Bike Overland Accessories: Tools to help you tackle the toughest terrains

Overlanding is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors, and there's no better way to overland than on an eBike. When you want to get off the beaten path, eBikes for Overlanding are your ideal exploration companions.

Adventurers continue to discover the benefits of Overlanding on an electric bike. With the right overland accessories and gear, you can take your electric bike on adventures you only dreamed were possible. Electric bikes allow you to travel faster and carry more equipment than you would on foot, and get further than you could on a mountain bike. 

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding is the practice of camping with a vehicle, with a focus on exploration. Overlanders enjoy the journey and the challenge of exploring remote locations. They understand that the road less traveled is often more exciting than the destination. 

Why are electric bikes good for Overlanding?

EBikes make excellent primary or secondary Overlanding vehicles. You can travel by car with your eBike on a bike rack and use it to explore from a camp base. Or, you can bike-tour with just your eBike and head out Overlanding without a car. 

Overland accessories allow you to easily attach your gear to an eBike so you can carry heavy weights and supplies. An electric bike can be equipped with pop-up tents, coolers, and all the other necessary supplies to be self-sufficient. 

There are limitations on how far a car can take you in the backcountry, but a bike doesn't have the same restrictions. Bikes have many benefits over cars or 4x4 vehicles when Overlanding. They are less disruptive to nature, kinder for the environment, and better exercise. Electric bike Overlanding allows you to go deep into the wilderness where traditional vehicles and cars aren't allowed.

Electric bicycles also have advantages over traditional mountain bikes. Pedal-assist mode allows riders to go further while exerting less energy and tackle challenging steep terrain with ease; climbing hills on an electric bike is much easier than on a mountain bike so that you can explore more challenging landscapes. Plus, they can get you quickly to destinations a non-assisted bike would take days to reach. 

EBikes make Overlanding more inclusive for a broader range of explorers. The addition of a motor and fat tires means anyone can keep up on the adventure, even riders who are younger, older, or less physically able. EBikes let everyone experience the thrill of riding over rough and unexplored terrain. 

What are the best overland accessories for electric bikes?

The key to an enjoyable overland excursion is preparation. Whenever you head out to explore the great outdoors, you should be prepared with overland accessories and all the suitable nourishment and equipment you need to be self-sufficient and survive. You'll need appropriate clothing, shelter, food, water, and survival equipment. But where do you store it all? These Overlanding accessories for electric bikes make it look easy.


Bike Transportation

If you're traveling by both car and bike, then a transport rack is an Overlanding essential. The Fat Tire EBike Pivot Pro Vehicle Hitch Rack will safely carry your QuietKat electric bike and two others on your vehicle. 

Cargo Trailer

Electric bikes like the Lynx can carry heavy loads even on uneven terrain. But a cargo trailer is an essential eBike accessory when traveling with heavy or bulky camping gear. The addition of a trailer lets you transport more equipment without straining yourself with heavy backpacks. The QuietKat Cargo Trailer is a two-wheel all-terrain trailer that can carry 100lbs+ and can handle the same rough terrain as our eBikes can.

If you're going to be maneuvering tight paths and areas, then our Single Wheel All-Terrain QuietKat Cargo Trailer is ideal. This trailer is only as wide as the eBike itself but can still carry 100lbs+. If you don't want to use a trailer or need even more storage, you can attach waterproof bike pannier bags or a pannier rack.

Recharge Kit

QuietKat electric bikes take you farther, faster, and with ease. But what happens when the eBike battery runs out? Your Overlanding adventures shouldn't be limited to the life of a single battery charge. With a solar charging kit, you can charge your bike at camp. Our solar battery kits charge at that same rate as a 110v outlet. If conditions are wet or overcast, we also stock additional portable batteries to extend your journey. 

Drink Mount

Hydration is essential whenever you're enjoying the outdoors. A bike drink mount or bottle cage lets you quickly access your water bottle without having to slow down and stop mid-ride. 

Repair Kit

Our eBikes are sturdy and built for rugged terrain, but there may come a time when you need to do some repairs mid-adventure. If so, you should be ready with a repair kit made up of essential items. Repair kits should include an eBike Pocket Multi-Tool and a Portable eBike Maintenance Stand. No rider wants a flat tire ruining their fun, so tire repair items are also essential. A Tube Repair Kit and Ultraflate Plus CO2 Tire Inflator will come in handy in case of a flat.

Start your Overlanding adventure

QuietKat electric bikes make great Overlanding companions. Our eBikes for Overlanding

are built tough, with premium bike components and hardware. With a QuietKat Overlanding bike, you can be confident tackling the most extreme terrain and conditions on the planet.

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