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5 Benefits of an Electric Hunting Bike

Maybe you’ve seen e-bikes cruising along your morning commute or down a winding urban trail, but did you know that there’s a growing contingency of hunters that now consider their e-bike a critical piece of gear? Ask them why and they’ll all tell you the big benefit of a high quality electric mountain bike is all due to one game-changing thing: access. Of course there are a number of other reasons why the e-bike generation is so perfectly paired with hunting, but it’s hard to overlook that when you’re deep in the woods navigating rough terrain, an e-bike is simply the tool for the job.

Already convinced? Get a closer look at the all-new QuietKat 2020 electric bikes.

1. Get Deep into Rough Terrain

A pedal assist bike can get you deep into your favorite remote hunting grounds easier than your truck and your four wheeler. Shaving hundreds of pounds off your access rig unlocks incredible opportunities for scouting, placing game cams, and even finding a new sweeping viewpoint. And with high-quality, smooth, and burly front suspension, a bike like the 2020 Ranger EBike does all that while lowering impact and climbing over roots, clacking through talus fields, and swishing through the tall grass. Plus, the hydraulic brakes have got you covered if things get squirrely.

The fat tires on all of our e-bikes paired with a range of over 20 miles (and that’s without extra batteries) helps it thrive in all conditions from crunching snow to sandy side-hilling.

2. Stay Stealthy

True, we’ve all ripped around a corner in a four wheeler and surprised an unsuspecting deer. But imagine what hears that four stroke engine coming from a mile away and is long gone by the time you approach. A high quality electric hunting bike is the perfect mix of power and stealth and could completely boost the success of a scouting mission or get you to your duck blind or tree stand without spooking nearby game. In some cases, a pedal assist hunting bike can even be quieter than walking!

3. Reduce Your Scent Trail

An electric hunting bike is not without scent—you’ll likely carry with you the smell of chain lube and cleaner, tube sealant, and more minor detectable smells. But compare it to truck diesel, your four wheeler gas, oil, transmission fluid, exhaust…you get the picture. In many cases, reducing your scent profile is just as important as staying quiet and stealthy. A well-maintained electric bike eliminates countless scent variables and has the power to completely change an outcome.

4. Carry Lots of Gear

No matter if you’re headed out for a quick scout mission or dropping into a multi-day hunt, with the right accessories, an e-bike can handle lots of gear with ease without sacrificing much in the way of stealth or maneuverability. A full range of durable, waterproof on-bike packs are ideal for carrying dry layers, cook gear, hearty meals, and—of course—coffee. Add a rack for a tent and extra water. The real toting capability, though, comes from bomber single or two-wheeled cargo trailers.

5. Easily Get Your Harvest Out

No one will argue that a more remote hunt is simply better—fewer people mean more active wildlife and, generally speaking, an all-around better experience. That is, until it’s time to pack out a felled elk. Bull elk average 650 to 700 pounds on the hoof. That’s no joke if you find yourself on a solo hunt packing it out 150 pounds at a time on foot. An electric hunting bike can completely change the experience and save hours and hours of time between kill shot and getting the meat into the freezer. The QuietKat 2 Wheel Game Cart is designed specifically to be stable and easy to load even when you’re deep in the backcountry. The three-way adjustable rack system can be laid flat or angled to accommodate awkwardly-shaped loads. And when you’re finally headed back to the truck, the strong connection to the electric hunting bike keeps things securely in place.

How to Choose the Best Off Road Electric Hunting Bike

Simply switching to an electric hunting bike can help boost a hunting experience in a notable way. But that’s certainly not to say that all electric hunting bikes are made equal. When looking for the ideal e-bike for your style of hunting and terrain considerations, it’s important to be sure the bike you’re looking at has the basic build to boost your success.

Consider your desired range: will 20 miles of battery life be enough to get you out and back? If not, take a look at the extra battery options and be sure to pack enough power to see you safely to your car. Next, take a look at gears. Are you pedaling through flat fields to access trout streams or a marshy duck blind? Maybe a single speed will suit your needs. But if you’re heading up into the hills, consider an option that has eight, maybe even nine gears. Hydraulic disc brakes are renowned as the safest, most efficient technology, but mechanical brakes work well too in lower-impact situations.

Looking to learn more? Start by perusing all QuietKat electric hunting bikes and accessories. The FAQs answer many questions our customers have. And if you find yourself looking for more, get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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