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Everything you need to know about All Terrain Electric Bikes

First things first: when we say it’s an “all terrain electric bike,” we mean it. The full QuietKat Fat Tire Electric Bike lineup is specifically designed to do everything that All Terrain Electric Bikes can do: tackle the steeps, climb rooted trails, roll over boulders, and rally over snow. But we’ve taken our bikes a step further and considered the exacting needs of hunters when they’re out tagging elk miles from anywhere.

So, when you consider an all terrain electric bike that’s crafted to thrive in the harshest conditions a hunter can find, you know that it can handle whatever terrain you want to tackle.

Riding Your EBike on Trail Systems

Spend any time at your local bike shop, and you’ll probably hear the conversation drift to the topic of electric mountain bikes on local trails. It’s no secret that in some places, this can be a sensitive topic that sparks heated discussion. And because riders are granted access to trails by differing local authorities depending on location (whether that’s a logging company, the county, the state, or anything in between) there’s a wide array of rules that govern e-bike use on traditional mountain bike trails.

But, the good news is that electric mountain bikes are becoming more ubiquitous every day and chances are you can walk into that same local shop and get help planning an e-bike ride that will blow your socks off. Plus, if you live near a national park (or like to visit), as of September 2019, all e-bikes are allowed in all national parks. Awesome.

True, traditional mountain bike trail systems are built for traditional mountain bikes. So is it still fun to ride an e-bike out there? Short answer: heck yes. Just like performance mountain bikes, QuietKat e-bikes are built with bomber front suspension for smoothing out breaker bumps and hydraulic disc brakes for excellent control on the steeps. But, what makes your ride even better on an e-bike is the lithium ion battery and the rear hub motor that allows you to lap your favorite trail segment over and over again with ease.

Can You Hunt with an eBike?

For even the most seasoned and steadfastly traditional hunters—the ones that have been wearing their grandpa’s old threadbare wool hat for years—fat tire electric bikes are becoming a critical part of their hunting gear.

For a complete list of why hunting with an e-bike is simply better, skim 5 Benefits of an Electric Hunting Bike. In short, it’s changing everything we know about hunting from off-season scouting to covert access into hunting grounds to packing out a kill. Imagine the difference it makes to switch out your old truck or four wheeler for an e-bike: not only will you severely reduce your scent profile, but you’ll make exponentially less noise and keep yourself from having to pack out a six pointer quarter by quarter on foot.

Fat tire e-bikes elevate your hunting experience in extremely efficient ways at affordable prices. And, you can customize your hunting rig with a full line of QuietKat hunting accessories.

Taking Your EBike on the Town

Simply, if your high-powered electric mountain bike can make a rooted path, talus field, or grassy meadow feel like a cinch, it’s going to serve you well on pavement. Although pedal-assist commuter bikes will perform better within city limits and be a bit more efficient when it comes to battery life, you certainly won’t be able to drop off a curb, cross train tracks like a champ, or navigate a gravel parking lot with ease on a commuter bike.

If you’re a city-dweller wondering if you should invest in a road-specific bike or take the plunge and treat yourself to an all-terrain electric bicycle, the choice is clear. The fat tire electric mountain bike can easily get you everywhere you want to go around town. We’re talking distances over 40 miles—up to 64 miles to be exact—on the Ridgerunner. And that’s just on one charge. Then, you can throw it onto your bike rack and take it deep into the woods on the weekend. A city cruiser simply can’t keep up.

Fun on Your EBike When the Snow Flies

Those extra-large tires aren’t just for show. The wider tire provides more surface contact between it and the ground, making for a noticeable leap in traction on any surface but especially on snow. Many around the US are noticing the uptick in fat tire electric bike popularity and designating specific snow-covered trails as adventurous wintery bike paths. From Wintergreen Gorge, Pennsylvania to Squilchuck State Park, Washington, and many places in between, there is an abundance of cold-weather getaway destinations perfect for a bike-centric excursion.

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