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Deer Hunting with an eBike

Whether it's for pursuing choice bucks or simply filling the freezer with fresh venison, electric bikes are rapidly changing the world of deer hunting. More and more deer hunters are turning to eBikes as a fast and fuel-efficient way to hunt because of the many advantages they offer. Paired with the right electric bike techniques and eBike accessories, an eBike can make for a more enjoyable hunt and help you bag more game.

Benefits of using an electric bike for deer hunting

For novices and experts alike, using an eBike provides a ton of benefits for hunting deer. Here are some of the advantages that electric hunting bikes bring to the table.

Conserves energy

With an eBike, you can cover miles of tough terrain in a short amount of time without breaking a sweat. Whether it's deep in the backwoods or over miles of hills, you can keep up with your game wherever it goes.

Leave no scent

Compared to riding a mountain bike or hiking, you won’t be as hot and sweaty on an eBike, cutting down on your scent trail. And since an e-bike is powered by electricity rather than gasoline, the bike itself is nearly scent free.

Note: If you store your eBike in a garage with other motor vehicles, be sure to air it out for a few days before heading on a hunt to eliminate other odors. 

Stealthier than ATVs and dirt bikes

Quieter than gas-powered vehicles and even walking, electric bikes are near-silent and extremely stealthy. With muted batteries and electric motors, QuietKat eBikes are less likely to startle wildlife than other hunting vehicles, so you can make it to your tree stand without spooking the game.

Carry in your gear

If you have a lot of cargo in your hunting setup, you'll love how much gear you can haul with a QuietKat and a few accessories. The trailer can easily haul your bulky hunting gear, while pannier bags, rifle mounts, clamp grips, coolers, and other hunting accessories carry the rest.

Haul out your deer

Sure, carrying your gear is great, but can an electric bicycle drag a deer? Absolutely. Most QuietKat electric bikes can handle dragging a nice-sized deer through the woods. But depending on how hilly and rough the terrain is, you may need to choose a higher-performing motor and a trailer, which we'll cover below.

See more terrain

No matter if you're hunting, scouting, or just checking trail cameras, QuietKat electric hunting bikes can easily handle the rough and uneven terrain of the backwoods. And because QuietKat's are more nimble than an ATV and faster than hiking, you'll cover even more ground and increase your odds of bagging that supreme buck.

Greater accessibility

Most people can learn to ride an eBike fairly easily. Ideal for older hunters, disabled sportsmen, or families, electric bikes are a great way to access the hunting experience. But QuietKat's utility extends far beyond the woods. With components built for rural and urban riding, you can restock at the grocery store, hit the beach, or run errands quickly and get back to camp before sundown. 

Hunt in almost every weather condition

With a high-quality electric bike, you can hunt in all types of weather. QuietKat bikes are durable enough to handle sand, mud, dust, snow and anything else you encounter on the hunt. And if the fat tires aren't enough, the additional studded tires will make your eBike even more capable and significantly improve your grip on the trail.

Easy to transport

Not only does QuietKat expedite your travel in the field, it also simplifies your travel to the field. With a variety of 1UP Bike Racks like the Fat Tire Kit, V Style Ramp, and Add-On Fat Tire Tray, you can transport your electric bike easily with most vehicles. And since electric bikes are far lighter than ATV's and dirt bikes, you'll save even more - both in fuel and energy. 

Low maintenance costs

Electric hunting bikes are easier and cheaper to maintain than ATVs or other utility vehicles. You can even charge your eBike using a solar panel charger, perfect for multi-day, backcountry hunts.

Best electric bikes for deer hunting

Choosing an eBike for hunting will depend on a few key considerations, like the terrain and grade of your hunting area. While a hub-drive motor is great for the flatland hunters, those chasing game in the hills will want to consider a mid-drive motor.


QuietKat Apex

The Apex e-bike thrives in hill country. Equipped with a powerful mid-drive motor and hydraulic disc brakes, the Apex is the hunter’s best friend for hauling gear and deer up and down steep grades. Like all QuietKat hardtail eBikes, its integrated rack easily configures with accessories, and the 150mm of suspension on the front fork keeps you comfortable in rough rides.

Motor: 1000W/750W Mid-Drive

Battery: 16AH/48V

Range: 24-48 miles, depending on load

Gears: SRAM 9-Speed

Load: 325 lbs

QuietKat Ranger

Perhaps the best selling hunting eBike at QuietKat, the Ranger is more than capable for most hunters. The simple hub-drive motor requires minimal maintenance and handles flat-land hunts with ease. Able to tow 325 lbs and offering up to 38 miles of range on a single charge, you can pursue your game deep in the backwoods.

Motor: 1000W/750W Hub-Drive

Battery: 12.8AH/48V

Range: 19-38 miles, depending on load

Gears: SRAM 7-Speed

Load: 325 lbs

QuietKat Ibex

For elite backcountry hunts, the Ibex is QuietKat's highest-performing electric bike. With a full-suspension setup and the Ultra-Drive motor, what it lacks in stealth and hauling, it makes up for in raw power. Though most deer hunters would consider it overkill, the Ibex is a lethal ally for high-alpine, remote mountain hunts.

Motor: 1000W Ultra-Drive (Mid-Drive)

Battery: 21AH/48V

Range: Up to 63 miles, depending on load

Gears: SRAM 9-Speed

Load: 300 lbs

Electric bike accessories

When hunting in remote areas, you're really only as good as your gear. QuietKat offers a line of accessories to keep you outfitted and safe while chasing prime whitetail. With hunting accessories like grips, single and two-wheel trailers, lights, coolers, pannier bags, fishing rod holders, gun racks, solar chargers and more, you can stay out in the backcountry till your tag is filled.

Learn more

No matter the type of hunting or season, a QuietKat eBike can greatly enhance your odds of a successful hunt. To learn more about using an eBike for hunting, check out our electric hunting bike guide and explore our full range of electric bikes.

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