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Electric Bike Commuter Accessories: Gear to make that long ride a lot nicer

Commuting on an eBike is becoming increasingly popular as a fun alternative to hours spent in traffic. More and more American's are discovering the health, economic, and environmental benefits of using electric bikes for commuting. So skip the traffic and parking woes. With the right commuter bike accessories, you can make your daily commute fun, comfortable, and so much easier than traditional cycling. 

Why are electric bikes good for commuting?

When it comes to commuting, eBikes have many advantages over traditional bikes. The pedal assist function of electric bikes makes them an accessible option for a broader range of riders. Whether you're older, younger, have lower fitness or health issues, an eBike makes cycling more accessible. 

Even if you just want some extra oomph or speed, you will benefit from using an electric bike. You can get to work faster using less effort or go twice as far. With an electric bike, you can get some exercise, skip the traffic and easily tackle those challenging parts of your commute. Plus, you won't arrive at work hot, exhausted, and sweaty with an electric bike like you do on a traditional cycle. 

A woman rider her electric bike with accessories, like pannier bags, along a dirt trail.

What are the best commuter accessories for electric bikes?


Headlights and taillights are commuter essentials; when you're riding an eBike on the road with cars, you need to be visible. Lights are critical if you're riding in the early morning hours, at dusk, or at night. The Explorer 2000 Bike Light is an excellent eBike headlight. It features white lights for city riding or red lights for stealth access and visibility when out in the backcountry. 

When it comes to taillights, the QuietKat Smart Tail-Light is no ordinary bike light. It senses your speed and automatically gets brighter when you decelerate. This tail light acts as a brake light, ideal for commuters who share the road with cars.

Extra battery

An extra battery will come in handy if you have a long commute or need to tackle many hills. Take it with you to the office and charge while you work, then ride again with the confidence of a full battery. Check out our full electric bike batteries range to explore our options.

Tire liner

Using a tire liner on your commuter eBike can help prevent punctures from street debris. The Tannus Armour Tire Liner can help improve the comfort of your ride and prevent punctures and pinch flats. 

Handlebar cargo bag

A handlebar cargo bag attaches to the front of your bike. But don't be mistaken; a Weatherproof Handlebar Cargo Bag is not your average wicker bike basket. Whether you're riding with a laptop or other essential gear, you can trust that a cargo bag made with marine-grade waterproof materials and a hard plastic interior will keep your items secure and safe.

A QuietKat Villager electric bike with pannier bags is parked outside a cafe.

Pannier bags

Laptop? Check. Lunch? Check. Purse? Check. 

Whatever you need to take to work, pannier bags can store it. So whether you're looking for one pannier bag or a pannier bag set, QuietKat has you covered. Our storage bags are waterproof and easy to attach and detach. 


It's always good to be ready in case of an emergency. QuietKat bikes are sturdy and durable, but flats and other electric bike maintenance requirements can crop up from time to time. Carrying a multi-tool keeps you ready to deal with any unexpected repairs. 

Tire inflator

A tire inflator is another item you'll want to add to your repair kit. 

Drink holder

Whether it's your morning coffee thermos or a bottle of water, a cup holder is always handy. Take your drinks to-go and stay hydrated with a convenient eBike drink holder

GPS mount

If you don't know your route, then a phone or GPS can come in handy. Whether you're riding in the city or out on backcountry trails, GPS can lead you where you need to go. But riding and texting or using a cell phone don't mix well. So instead, mount your device with an electric bike phone or GPS mount so you can ride with both hands firmly on the handlebars.

Two woemn ride their electric bikes to work down a suburban street.

Comfort saddle

QuietKat bikes are surprisingly comfortable to ride. Our fat tires and shock-absorbing designs make for smooth riding. But when you're riding regularly or on uneven surfaces, it never hurts to have some extra padding. The addition of a comfort saddle will make your commute that bit more luxurious. 

Seat cover

If you're storing your electric bike outside, then a seat cover can help prolong the life of your bike and its components. A soft bike seat cover will keep your bike clean and dry while your bike is parked outside or stored. 

Front & rear fenders

If you're riding in wet or muddy conditions, front and rear fenders will come in handy. They prevent dirt and grit from flying off your tires and can protect your bike's motor from getting too wet. You definitely won't want to forget this accessory if you're a weekend warrior who commutes during the week but hits the trails at the weekend. 

Enjoy the ride

Commuter electric bicycles offer many of the same great benefits as traditional bikes. They can save you money on car or transport costs while making commuting by bike more practical, enjoyable, and feasible. EBikes are a great way to get some low-impact exercise, and they're much better for the environment than driving. With a quality QuietKat eBike and the right commuter accessories, you can get so much more out of your commute. 

New to commuting on an electric bike? Make sure to check out our guide to electric bikes for commuting.

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