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Can QuietKat Electric Bikes Be Used in Winter Weather?

Can you ride your QuietKat even when winter is at full throttle? You bet! QuietKat electric mountain bikes stand up to harsh winter weather and power through the season, regardless of hail, snow, ice or sub-zero temps. With incredible performance features like our high-power motors, aggressive fat tires, and wide-range gearing, QuietKat electric mountain bikes allow you to go farther and explore more through the most rugged winter terrain.

Go farther, faster in harsh winter weather.

A hunter, camper or outdoor lover's desire to get outside and explore doesn’t change based on the weather. In fact, for some, winter is just as exciting as summer (lovers of ice fishing come to mind). Wherever you want to go, QuietKat electric bikes provide an efficient and low-impact way to travel in the winter.

Fat tires traverse winter terrain.

Slippery, slushy, icy terrain is no problem on a QuietKat. The high-volume tires can be aired-down to provide maximum traction in the snow and ice so you can easily travel along snowy terrain quietly and comfortably.

Disc brakes for maximum control on snow and ice.

All QuietKat electric mountain bikes are equipped with front and rear disc brakes. This allows riders optimal control and confidence. When temperatures drop and the ground begins to freeze, disc brakes continue to provide powerful stopping power.

electric bike winter

Ice fisherman get to their huts faster and keep their feet warm and dry.

Anglers who ride QuietKat e-bikes get to their ice huts quickly and easily in sub-zero temperatures. They also have the benefit of keeping their feet warm and dry by riding instead of walking over snow. And unlike ATV's, electric bikes don't produce vibrations which disturb the ecosystem below the ice.

But keep your electric bike battery indoors when temperatures go below zero.

Maintaining your e-bike through the winter is important, and with QuietKat it’s easy. When temperatures drop below zero it’s advised to keep your e-bike battery warm. With QuietKat’s detachable battery there’s no need to take the entire bike inside; simply detach your battery from the bike and bring it inside to keep the battery charged and healthy.

With QuietKat, winter is not an obstacle. Our electric mountain bikes give outdoor enthusiasts endless possibilities for outdoor adventures all year long. Go farther. Explore more, and trust QuietKat for outstanding winter performance.

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