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Choosing the Best Electric Bike for Kids

When it comes to finding an eBike for kids, safety, reliability, and ease-of-use is paramount. Electric bikes are an awesome way for kids to cruise around the neighborhood or take on the great outdoors, allowing for awesome performance without sacrificing peace of mind for parents. 

In this article, we’re giving you the complete guide for finding a kids electric bike, so that you can send your kid out of the house confidently with less reliance on the minivan. 

Let’s get motorized! 

How Old Should Kids Be to Ride an Electric Bicycle? 

Because electric bikes are more powerful than non-motorized bikes, you can’t just slap the training wheels on at a young age and push them down the sidewalk. 

The minimum age requirement for riding an electric bike is 12-years-old, ensuring that the child (soon to be teenager!) is ready for the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. 

While most of us never had the opportunity to have an electric motor strapped to our childhood bike, today’s electric bikes for kids are intuitively designed for simple operation. 

The jump from a regular bike to an eBike will be relatively simple for this age group, making for an exciting new riding experience that kids absolutely love. 

A girl rides her QuietKat Ripper eBike for kids down a snowy path 

Electric Bike For Kids Safety Precautions 

Make no mistake — you won’t be letting your kid mount a motorcycle and head out on the highway with an eBike. 

The modern eBike for kids is designed with residential and mountain travel in mind. By law, each bike must adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Motor output must not exceed 500 Watts 
  • eBikes cannot travel faster than 20 mph (32 km/h) 
  • Fully operable pedals are required
  • All operators must wear a helmet 

In order to make eBikes as safe as possible, make certain that your kid never gets on without a helmet. It’s written in the law, and as a parent, you know that it’s important to lay down your own set of laws when it comes to safe practices. 

But here’s the deal — an electric bike for kids actually makes the riding experience safer in many ways as opposed to regular bikes. With increased control and handling and a maximum bike speed of 20 mph, your kids are likely to feel more secure during their ride — especially on the mountain. 

And one last safety precaution to keep in mind: your kid should be a proficient rider of a regular bike before taking a spin on it’s motorized counterpart. 

Once your kid is helmeted up and ready to take on a more powerful riding experience, then you can set out on your journey to finding the perfect eBike for kids

What’s the Best Electric Bike for Kids? 

Your kid is anxious to learn new things and eager to take on the challenges ahead. You’ve instilled values of sustainability and land protection to make for awesome recreational experiences. 

You want to find an eBike for kids that is specifically designed for young riders, and is built with ethical practices that contribute to a healthy and beautiful planet. 

To find the best electric mountain bike for your kid, make sure to consider: 

  • Brake Quality 
  • Tire Size 
  • Battery life 

Here at Quiet Kat, we’ve applied the outstanding engineering used to build our larger bikes to design an electric bike for kids that will empower your little outdoorsman to have the riding experience they’ve always dreamed of. 

Profile of the QuietKat Ripper eBikes for kids in tan

Meet the 2020 Ripper EBike for Kids 

Sized specifically for riders under 5’6” tall, The Ripper is a small package that delivers a ton of performance and value. 

Our eBike for kids comes with a 35 mile range life with a single charge, Kenda Juggernaut 20” x 4” fat tires, and Tektro mechanical brake discs for the ultimate electric bike riding experience. 

Safe, reliable, and durable — it’s everything you and your kid are looking for in a modern electric electric bike. 

Oh, and did we mention that every Ripper comes standard with: 

  • A high-performance hub-drive motor that provides direct power to the rear wheel, resulting in consistent power across all gears 
  • An adjustable coil-suspension 
  • A single-speed drivetrain 
  • A 500W motor 
  • A lightweight design (70 lbs) paired with a high load capacity (300 lbs) 

No need to call the babysitter — the next time you head out for a day of riding on the mountain, your cruising kid will have all the power he or she needs to come along for the ride. 

And when you get home, don’t be surprised if your kid charges up again for a ride around the neighborhood with friends. They’re going to want to show off their awesome new toy, after all. 

With The Ripper, you won’t be able to keep them inside! 

Built for the Great Outdoors

Bikes for kids have been around forever. For most of us, riding our bikes are among our fondest memories as children. 

We never could have known it then, but bikes have evolved and accelerated into performance machines that make new riding experiences, such as mountainous excursions, possible for kids like yours. 

Here at Quiet Kat, our mission is to deliver the highest quality eBikes that can take on any terrain for deeper access to the outdoors—including an electric bike for kids. 

All of our eBikes are compliant with the 3-class system for electric bicycles that are allowed in public lands and National Parks, and we want your kids to be with you while you make memories in the great unknown. 

Looking to go on a backcountry fishing trip

Charge up your electric bikes to find the perfect fishing hole and share the classic father-son moment of pulling a trout out of a fresh mountain stream. 

Want to take a casual sunset ride around town or the farm? 

Strap on your helmets and enjoy the simple pleasure of cruising along your favorite route with your kid. 

A powerful eBike for kids enables a new generation of sustainable riders, and The Ripper is the best option on the market today. 

Just don’t be surprised when your kid wants to start taking their Ripper with them everywhere — including on their ride to school! 

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