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Electric Bike Hunting Accessories: Game-changing gear for your next hunt

Hunting on eBikes is growing in popularity as ever more hunters discover the advantages eBikes offer over motorized vehicles or walking. 

With an eBike, hunters can reach their favorite areas quickly or go further into the wilderness and discover entirely new ones. The right electric bike hunting accessories will allow you to transport your equipment easily and - with any luck - your kill. 

Why are electric bikes good for hunting?

Electric bikes offer lots of advantages for hunters, especially when compared to the alternatives like noisy ATVs or walking. 

Fat-tire electric bikes can help hunters traverse rough terrains quickly and comfortably. The sturdy design of our eBike’s wide tires allows them to provide extra comfort and stability while outperforming mountain bikes when off-road. 

Electric mountain bikes are stealthy; they make little noise when out in the backcountry or forest. Every hunter will appreciate the ability to move around quietly without spooking your targets. EBikes are also scent-free. Unlike fuel-powered vehicles like ATVs or 4x4s, an electric bike leaves no scent trail. You’ll also be leaving no trace of pollution on the environment. 

With the right electric hunting bike techniques, you’ll find hunting on an eBike to be an exceptional experience. 


What are the best hunting accessories for electric bikes?

Preparation is the key to success when you head out on an adventure into the backcountry. Hunting on an eBike will be easier with the right eBike hunting essentials. Here are some of the top eBike accessories that will make a hunter’s outing more accessible and more enjoyable. 

  • Trailer
  • Kolpin grips
  • Pogies
  • Pannier bags
  • Flex fenders
  • Comfort saddle

A hunter uses his QuietKat electric bike trailer to haul turkeys.


A trailer is a must-have accessory for hunting on an eBike. Whether you’re hunting turkey, or larger game, such as deer or elk, a trailer will be essential for transporting kill.  

The right hunting-specific cargo trailers make it easy to pack in your gear and pack out a kill. Our Two-Wheel QuietKat Cargo Trailer is our ideal trailer for more oversized cargo. It’s stable and burly, even under heavy loads, and will put any four-wheeler to shame. 

Alternatively, a Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer is better suited to narrow trails. The single-wheel cargo cart is only as wide as your eclectic bike, making it easy to maneuver, but it can still carry up to 100lbs of deer, elk, gear, or anything else. An electric bike with a single-wheel cargo trailer can get heavy loads in and out of areas other vehicles are too wide to reach.

Kolpin Grips

Kolpin grips allow you to carry gear and weapons on your electric bike easily. The Rhino Grip XL grips are some of the best gun or bow holders for electric bikes. These grips will help you ride easily with gear of various shapes and sizes, including bows, unloaded firearms, tools, shovels, and more.


If you’re relatively new to eBiking or cycling, then pogies may be a new concept. Pogies are a cycling accessory that acts as a spacious pocket for your hands, brake levers, grips, and shifters. If you’re out in the winter or chilly early mornings, Pogies are a welcome biking accessory. QuietKat pogies are weather-resistant on the outside but soft and cozy fleece on the inside. Our high-performance materials accumulate heat and maintain warmth so you can stay outside longer and keep your hands toasty. 

A bow hunter looks out ove rteh landscape while standing by his QuietKat electric bike with pannier bags.

Pannier bags

A waterproof pannier bag, or pannier bag set, is another essential electric hunting bike accessory. Bicycle pannier bags hang on either side of your electric bike’s rear wheel. They’re quick and easy to attach and remove and handy for packing extra hunting gear or other equipment. 

Flex fenders

When you head out into the backcountry, you know it’s likely to be dirty. Fenders help protect your electric hunting bike from muddy and wet conditions. A good set of flex fenders also prevents mud, water, or grit from shooting off the bike tire and into your eyes. When you’re heading out into rough terrain, fenders are an essential hunting accessory to protect both you and your electric bike.

Comfort saddle

QuietKat bikes use fat tires and have excellent suspension to make them an exceptionally comfortable ride. But it certainly never hurts to have a little extra cushioning when you’re out on a long day’s ride or multi-day hunting trip. 

Our ergonomic comfort plus saddles fit the contours of your body. Smart shock-absorbing zones are combined with a high-peak pressure reduction system and memory foam technology. The result is an eBike saddle that offers maximum comfort and performance, even on those long, uneven rides. Your butt will thank you for adding in this eBike hunting accessory!

Accessories enhance your ride

With the right electric bike hunting accessories, you can elevate your eBike hunting experience. Preparation and the right add-ons can make your ride more comfortable and make it easier to pack gear in and kill out. Check out our electric hunting bike guide if you’re looking for more tips on hunting with an eBike. Or, start exploring the full QuietKat range of eBike hunting accessories to find everything you need. 

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