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Hunters with Limited Mobility Still Enjoy Their Favorite Sport on a Quiet Kat

For hunters who have endured accidents leading to painful, immobilizing injuries, their favorite sport, unfortunately, becomes compromised. Whether it’s a broken foot that didn’t heal properly or a life-changing injury that causes chronic pain, for hunters with limited mobility issues, QuietKat electric mountain bikes help them get back in the game.

Quiet Kat's hand-throttle allows hunters with limited mobility to travel farther without pain.

QuietKat electric mountain bikes have an easy-to-use hand throttle. If riders don’t want to or are physically incapable of pedaling due to limited mobility, our electric mountain bikes can travel distances up to 20 miles unassisted as fast as 19mph. For QuietKat customer, Dylan Ingram, who suffered a stress fracture in his foot that never healed properly, the QuietKat Ranger’s hand throttle proved to be life-changing in various ways, especially for hunting. Walking is painful for Dylan, let alone pedaling. The hand throttle lets him travel long distances to all of his stands painlessly. Allowing hunters with limited mobility better access to the great outdoors, QuietKat’s unique hand throttle gets injured hunters back into their favorite sport.

“I fell off a telephone pole and broke my back. Due to the pain, I had to give up my work and my hobby of hunting.” - Cory P.

Cory’s painful injury unexpectedly eliminated hunting from his life. As a lineman for a local electric company, the effects of his broken back, not only forced him to give up work but his favorite sport of hunting as well. With harsh pain when walking long distances, Cory couldn’t access his tree stands or walk his long hunting trails on the rough terrains of Kentucky as he used to, in fact, he could barely access them at all. For hunters like Cory who have suffered accidents and injuries that have left them with limited mobility, the speed and unassisted power of QuietKat electric mountain bikes can give them back their favorite outdoor activities. “The product is amazing I hope it helps people like me get back to what they love.”

Get to your tree stand quickly with a minimal scent trail.

QuietKat electric mountain bikes allow hunters with limited mobility to get back in the game by traveling farther distances with little to no assistance, but they also do it quickly and quietly. Thanks to our bikes' quiet motors ranging from 750w to 1000w, you can access your stands and hit the trails with minimal disturbance to your outdoor surroundings. The power of our motors allow you to travel far distances faster, leaving behind the least possible scent trail. A common problem among hunters, the scent trail they leave behind when accessing their stands can completely compromise their sport. For a family of hunters at Lowe Creek Outdoors, who walk a long and tiring 30 minutes to their stands, this problem was all too familiar.
“It is nearly impossible to reach the base of the tree without breaking a considerable sweat, especially wearing size 13 boots! This totally defeats the purpose of our scent-free efforts such as showering with the proper soaps prior to each hunt, keeping clothing in airtight containers, and spraying down everything before walking into the woods. We have tried carrying our clothing and dressing near the stand, wiping down with scent free towels form the top of the tree, almost everything. It was a real hassle and stressful, to say the least. When we saw the first TV commercial for the QuietKat, we knew that was the answer to our dilemma. We did a test run this summer and happily discovered that what once took 30 minutes will now take just over 3 minutes at a safe and controlled speed on the Warrior 1000 electric mountain bike.”
For this family of hunters, QuietKat improves their favorite sport of hunting in so many valuable ways. Accessing stands more quickly and quietly makes QuietKat electric mountain bikes ideal for every hunter. Limited mobility no longer prevents hunters from participating in their favorite sport. Pain is not a problem when you ride with QuietKat.
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