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FatKat Customer Review - July 2017

Review written by: Ed Vallee, Laporte, CO Hello Adam, Last update before I hit the mountains to start scouting. I hooked up the trailer and loaded it down with about 100 pounds. I couldn’t even tell it was there… It didn’t seem to affect the power at all. I imagine I would see it more in the maximum distance though. I love this product! It is exactly what I needed for my back & knee injuries. The assist adds so much to where my capabilities are. I have found that I can go up most any hill with very little effort by me. Some definitely require pedaling, but it is so minimal that you hardly notice. Here is another tree in another area I needed to get back in, again I unloaded my QuietKat and GOT IT DONE! I can't tell you how nice it was to not drive home. It was so much fun and easy to operate. Wow, and I only picked it up 3 hours Tell everyone I enjoyed meeting them, they are a terrific bunch and all love being at Quietkat. I heard from each one of the QuietKat team members as they worked me through my purchase. I especially want to thank Conor for letting me know that he would assist me anytime 24-7 if something happened to my bike and I needed help fixing an issue. He truly loves what he does. electric mountain bikes Adam and Connor both deserve their own Hunting Channel. Kindred Spirits for sure, we share the same passion!! This is going to be an exciting year for Quietkat as you continue to grow and pave the way as the leader in Outdoor Electric Bikes. It's going to change hunting in a positive way continuing to help aging hunters access the backcountry in a safe and low impact way. Thanks again Jake and the whole QuietKat team!!!
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