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Part Sled, Part QuietKat, Meet the Bikesled from Team Wave Rave

Check out this sled that our friends at WaveRave put together!

Steve from Wave Rave and his son put together this great video showing off the variety of uses with your QuietKat bike, in all seasons!

It was four winters ago when I purchased the ski kit from Burley trailers for the first time. I mounted these skis on my kid carrying Burley trailer and hooked it to a fat tire ebike. Both of my kids had a blast riding the trailer in the snow, but we all felt it had more potential. The kids were riding standing up in the trailer and having a blast drifting around corners. The sound of the tires crunching fresh snow and the sound of the skis gliding on fresh powder was awesome.

"The torque on the QuietKat can allow me to pull him fast enough so he can really enjoy himself. "

- Steve Klassen, Wave Rave

Those sounds combined with the total quiet of the bike were amazing.. My son mentioned that he wanted to try to ride it like a dogsled and hang off the back. After that request, we decided to replace the small kit skis and put some larger modern skis onto the kit bracket. I extended the skis way back of the trailer and connected them to gain stability. We experimented with the lengths of the skis, and where and how to mount the skate deck. We figured out that a sideways skate deck worked great to stand on. It was elevated enough to clear powder snow and other obstacles and gave a solid platform to stand on. A modern mid fat ski @170cm seemed to work the best. We use 4.9" studded snow tires on the bike. A chopped up grip pattern stomp pad on the skate deck works the best. You have to clear the surface often so this type of pattern seems to clear quickly with just a kick or with digging in your fingers.

I take my kids to school on the sled whenever I can. They often have to bring their boards for ski PE. My son mentioned that if he had a dog leash that he could strap on his board and I could tow him with the leash. It was simple like that. He just saw something he wanted to do and asked if he could do it. I bought a leash and attached it to the inside of the rear of the trailer. He was immediately ripping any snow he could find. The torque on the QuietKat (Warrior) can allow me to pull him fast enough so he can really enjoy himself.

These are the kinds of stories that the team here at QuietKat loves! If you have any of your own stories about product inventions or innovations, please share them in the comments section below.

~ Team QuietKat

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