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Jim Shockey: "QuietKat Electric Mountain Bikes are Game Changers for Outdoor Enthusiasts."

QuietKat electric bikes help you go farther, explore more, and get off the beaten path, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. With our quiet yet powerful motors, hunters can reach their stands without disturbing their surroundings and leaving a minimal scent trail. Fisherman can fish new waters and access remote areas other wheeled vehicles can’t traverse. Hikers can explore farther on trails and see all their surroundings have to offer without getting tired. A complete game changer for hunters, fishermen, and hikers, QuietKat electric mountain bikes continue to be outdoor enthusiast’s greatest tool for the ultimate outdoor experience. Jim Shockey, the epitome of outdoor enthusiasts loves riding QuietKat electric mountain bikes. Jim has been an award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and wilderness guide for over 30 years. His job requires him to take on all types of terrain and to guide clients successfully on the route by his side for the entire journey. Jim hunts all kinds of game that require him to carry loads of heavy equipment. He’s tried other alternatives to make the most his outdoor adventures. Quads, walking, they just don’t cut it for his adventurous expeditions. Electric mountain bikes are outdoor enthusiast, Jim Shockey’s, best solution. Here’s what Jim has to say about QuietKat electric mountain bikes and how they’ve changed his outdoor adventures for the better. “It’s been a long time since a ‘perfect’ new product has hit the hunting market. Inline muzzleloaders, compound bows, trail cameras, rangefinders and now QuietKat electric mountain bikes! For years I’ve scratched my head and wondered how to get to the black bears on Vancouver Island, in our Pacific Rim Outfitting Territory, that lived 10-20 miles beyond where the logging roads have been washed out and not repaired in years. No way to get a quad across the slides and walking with a client pretty much impossible, especially in light of the new regulations that require us to bring every ounce of the bear meat and hide and skull out from the mountains. Enter QuietKat electric mountain bikes!!!! I can carry my QuietKat electric mountain bike across the slide, carry my client’s QuietKat across the slide (my cameraman can carry his own QuietKat) and off we go!! On the flats we peddle, and on the hills our QuietKats do all the work!!! The big boars, walking the roads, looking for sows don’t hear us coming and we can easily bring all the bear parts out as required by law!!! Perfect! As I said, it’s been a long time since the last “game changer” hit the hunting world!!” If you're an outdoor enthusiast who wants a better hunting, fishing, or hiking experience, then check out QuietKat electric mountain bikes. Go farther, explore more, and venture beyond the beaten path.
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