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Tips for Turkey Hunting with Your Electric Bike

Whether you're hunting for turkeys in spring or fall, here are a few tips to make sure you bag the best tom of your life. New to hunting turkey on an eBike? Read on to learn how a QuietKat electric hunting bike can help you get the job done.

What should I do to prepare for a turkey hunt?

Preparation is key to hunting turkeys in spring or fall, and the most important thing is to scout. Glassing might be your best tactic to spotting turkeys, so if you don't already, investing in good pair of binoculars will go a long way into spotting turkeys. With an eBike, you can get out into the woods year-round and scout for spots for the upcoming turkey season. Plus, an eBike can get you around your area quickly and quietly, giving you a chance not only to spot more turkeys but also to scare them off. It's a good idea to get out into the woods before dawn, at minimum a few days before your hunt, and just listen. Don't call; listen and find out where the turkeys roost.

Make sure your eBike battery is fully charged and packed with your gear the night before you head out hunting. Turkeys have a weak sense of smell, so you don't need to worry about airing the bike to remove fuel smells from your garage like you would if you were hunting larger game

Where is the best place to find turkeys?

Get an idea of where the turkeys live on a day-to-day basis, giving you a good starting point and greatly increasing your chances to fill your tag.

Find out where the hens are feeding - that's where the toms will be strutting. Traditionally, you'd find a spot within shooting distance to set up your blind because the toms will always come looking for hens. However, with an eBike, you can run and gun, allowing you to cover more ground in a shorter period. 

Being able to “run and gun” will put you in front of more turkeys, significantly increasing your chances of nabbing a bird. A great tip is to use your eBike to get set up in your first spot of the day, maybe set up a decoy, listen and call them in if necessary. If you’re not feeling confident in your site or get spotted by your turkey, you can hop onto your eBike and find a different rafter of turkeys and repeat your process—set up, hide, listen and call if needed. Without an eBike, you’re resigned to making the best of your first spot and hoping for the best.

Remember that turkeys have an incredible sense of sight. One wrong move on your part, and they'll be on the run. Learn to operate a diaphragm call and keep it in your mouth so you won't have to reach for anything.

When is the best time to hunt turkey?

The best time for hunting will vary slightly from state to state. The season generally falls between early spring and mid-to-late fall. Turkeys are more active during times of mild weather, so if the season is abnormally hot or cold, it may affect the peak season dates.

When it comes to the best time of day to hunt turkey, the answer gets complicated. Wild turkeys roost in trees and on the ground in woodland areas. Catching them at their roost is easier than on the ground, so one of the best times to hunt is first thing in the morning. The turkey is still nesting in the early morning or has just started looking for breakfast. 

Mornings are popular, but they aren't the only great time for hunting. One of the best times to hunt is late in the evening and sometimes even in the afternoon. So yes, basically all day.

How does an eBike give me an advantage in hunting turkey?


Using a full-suspension bike for hunting has rapidly grown in popularity for many reasons. Many advantages come from hunting turkey on an eBike, here are just a few.

1. The element of surprise 

Turkeys have excellent eyesight and are easily spooked; that's why QuietKat bikes are designed to be stealthy. Our eBikes come in a camo print that helps you blend into the flora. If you choose a camo body with camo fenders, you're barely detectable to the wildlife. 

QuietKat electric hunting bikes are also nearly silent, and as they cross surfaces, the noise they make is far less noticeable than the crunching of boots or the motor noise of an ATV.

2. A weight off your shoulders 

Hunting for turkey on a bike is also easier than traveling on foot because your bike can haul all your gear. Cargo trailers easily carry your gear and other hunting essentials in and your turkeys out of the woods. Plus, you can easily attach racks for guns and bows so that you can mount your weapons strategically with fast-on, fast-off grips. Check out all of our QuietKat electric bike accessories

It's much quicker to hunt on an eBike than to hike through the woods on foot. Reduce your hour-long walk to about 10 minutes. And with fat tires, you can hike the ground running and take on nearly any geography. Plus, you can opt to get a little legwork in or not - use the bike without power, completely motorized, or with pedal assist for power when you need it most, like going up hills (or when you're dead tired after a full day in the woods). 

A turkey hunter in gray camo rides through the woods on his QuietKat hunting eBike

3. All the speed you need

Electric hunting bikes have just enough power - but not too much. Many QuietKat bikes are 750 watts, making them legal to use on most state lands. More powerful bikes require registration in most states. We also have 1000 Watt bikes if you need the extra power. If you're hunting on private land, chances are you can use one of our more powerful bikes, but it's always best to check with local eBike regulations to make sure you're in compliance

4. Added safety

Bike lights make traveling on a bike much safer than walking through the backcountry. Getting into the woods and setting up in your blind at dawn means heading out in the darkness. It's nice to have a light on the front of your bike so you don't tangle with a boulder, tree, or careen off a slope.

Time to hunt some turkey!

Hunting turkey on an eBike is a fun experience. You can scout in advance and cover more ground with an eBike. QuietKat's line of electric all-terrain fat tire bikes for hunting can help you get to your hunting locations easier and allow further exploration.


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