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Electric Bike Fishing Guide

Anglers face many challenges when they head out for a day’s fishing. 

Accessing your favorite spot at the right time of day can be challenging on foot. It’s often too cold, or too hot to walk, or just too dark. But when you use electric bikes for fishing, these barriers are removed, and you can easily access lakes, streams, and rivers at the golden hours.

Getting to your favorite spot on foot can take so long you have barely any time left in the day to fish. Not to mention, trying to carry all your gear and tackle to remote places can be exhausting. That’s why the use of eBikes is quickly becoming popular in the angling community. 

With an electric bike, you can spend more time at your favorite fishing hole and less time getting there. Ebikes allow you to go deeper into the backcountry and sink your line into more remote waters in a fraction of the time it would take to walk. Electric bikes help anglers access various water that may be tougher to reach on foot or with larger off-road vehicles.

The use of electric bikes for shore fishing is rapidly growing in popularity. You may have seen eBike rentals popping up at popular fishing spots and tourist lake destinations. A great way to try out eBikes is with a test ride to see if you like the experience. QuietKat offers a 30-day, 10-mile risk-free trial allowing you to get a feel for our eBikes before you pull the trigger. But if you head out fishing regularly, you’ll want to invest in your own eBike and customize it with fishing accessories for the best overall experience.  

Outdoor enthusiasts from mountain bikers, hunters, overlanders, and anglers continue to discover the joys and practicalities that eBikes offer. Learn why in our ultimate electric fishing bike guide.

Where Can You Ride An Electric Fishing Bike?

QuietKat’s electric fishing bikes and accessories can handle whatever you throw at them. 

Off-road eBikes can easily tackle different terrain, making them an excellent choice for all types of land-based fishing, whether it’s on a river, on the ice, or the beach.

Riders can safely cruise down the beach or across the soft sand of a lakeshore. Or, you can quickly head out to the high country to find some brookies with a fly rod. Don’t forget being able to navigate steep terrain and get to a remote lake to chase spring pike.  

An all-terrain fat tire eBike can even be used in snow and across the ice. Enthusiasts have taken their eBikes everywhere you could imagine - from ice fishing on the Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trails to fly fishing in the High Rockies of Colorado. Wherever your favorite remote fishing destinations are, QuietKat’s innovative electric bikes can get you there. 

Fat-tire bikes can easily conquer untamed terrain and haul essential fishing gear. The abilities of an all-terrain eBike make them an obvious vehicle choice for hunters and anglers who want to get deeper into the backcountry.  

Good quality eBikes can tackle snow, sand, tall grass, and uneven terrain, all while hauling the necessary gear for outdoor pursuits. 

Benefits of electric bikes for fishing

Using an electric bike for fishing offers anglers many benefits, including less time spent getting to your destination, more flexibility to move spots, and increased access to hard-to-reach areas. Here are some of the critical benefits eBikes bring to fishing.

Reach Your Spot Earlier

An eBike saves time walking to your favorite spots or discovering new ones. If you’re fly fishing, you can easily and quickly hop from hole to hole on an electric bike. In many of the best fishing areas, the holes are spread far apart, and traveling on foot can waste a lot of time that you should be spending fishing. 

The increased speed of an eBike allows you to cover more ground in a day and reach your favorite spots earlier in the morning, without getting up in the middle of the night to set off! 

For surf fishing, an eBike allows you to check out the beach more easily. If your initial fishing spot isn’t working, or there is a powerful riptide, you can easily move to a better area quickly. 

The speed of transport makes fishing on summer days much more enjoyable because you are not sweating and uncomfortable getting to and from your destination. On the flip side, it can preserve your energy reserves and save time in the cold spent getting to and from your spot in the winter. 

A QuietKat electric bike sits near a tent by a lake

Increased Access

An electric fishing bike allows anglers greater access to steep areas or locations that are difficult to reach by foot. With an eBike, you can access areas around lakes and rivers where access for motor vehicles is not readily available.  

With greater access, anglers can be more selective about where they fish. Ebikes grant you a better view of the river from trails only accessible by bike or foot. By using eBikes, anglers can cover many rivers in a day. QuietKat eBikes also have a much smaller profile than most ATVs - allowing them to go down narrow paths to access more remote spots.

If you’re surfcasting on the beach, an electric bike offers many access benefits over a traditional 4×4 vehicle. Plus, electric beach bikes have less regulation than 4x4 vehicles, and in most states, they don’t require permits. 

Surf anglers can cover more ground and reach more spots with the assistance of an electric bike. The increased speed is beneficial when your timing needs to be just right with the tide, and there’s not enough time to walk.

 An angler rides his Quiet Kat fishing eBike towing a trailer of fishing gear

Carry More Gear

Ebikes can easily transport your fly rods and other gear. With the reduced energy required to pedal the bike, you can carry greater loads on your back or attach pannier bags, rear racks, and trailers to the eBike for more oversized items. Ebikes give anglers the freedom to bring more gear with them so that you can change up your tackle depending on the conditions.

You can attach a four-piece rod, and even a two-piece rod case to an eBike with bungee balls.. Use spacers in-between the case and the bike frame to ensure that the cases don’t interfere with the bike’s movement.

When you travel on an eBike, you don’t have to sacrifice any items because they’re too heavy to carry. You can take that cooler, bring a camera, Kolpin grips, and pack more food so you can stay out for more extended fishing expeditions. 

If you’re going wet wading, there’s plenty of options to add storage to your bike to transport your wading boots and neoprene socks. Top tip - we don’t recommend trying to ride the bike in waders and boots!

Surf fishers can carry more poles on an eBike and easily transport the heavier and larger gear and tackle required to go after larger fish. You can outfit your eBike to hold rod tubes and a net - both of which can be pretty cumbersome to carry around. 

Adding pannier bags can help carry much of your gear. Ebikes can take some heavy loads, so you can even haul lightweight canoes and inflatable watercraft. 

Expend Less Energy

With an eBike, you expend less of your energy hauling equipment, less time on your feet walking to your spot, and more time on the water where you should be. An eBike is a significant advantage for older riders or those anglers who may have more trouble getting around than they used to. 

Traveling with eBike also allows you to bring the whole family out for a day on the river. Younger kids and teens often don’t have the stamina to hike in and out like an adult carrying fishing gear. With an eBike to carry the load, you can more easily have kids and teens join your expedition.  

Great Exercise

Although eBikes take away much of the effort that comes with traditional cycling, they can still provide some low-impact exercise benefits. Riding an eBike allows anglers to get some exercise in a sport that is not typically known for its cardio benefits!

Stealth Arrival

ATVs and other off-road vehicles can be noisy and disrupt wildlife. An eBike is quiet, so you and your fellow anglers can enjoy the peace and serenity of nature without the constant hum of a motor. 

When you’re fishing really small water, such as shallow streams or ponds, the noise of an ATV can spook the fish. Pulling up in stealth on a quiet eBike can give you an advantage. 

Low Running Costs

Electric bikes are much more affordable than other off-road vehicles such as ATVs. Good quality all-terrain eBikes are priced from around $1500 up to around $7000. ATVs, however, start at about $3000 and go up to $20000 or more. 

Pedal-assist electric bicycles offer all of the same great benefits as traditional bikes. They save you money on transport costs and gas, so there’s virtually no running costs. 

Off-road vehicles like 4x4s and ATVs will come with insurance, maintenance, registration, and fuel costs. In most states, electric bikes have no licensing or registration requirements, so your only costs are the bike itself and some recharging. If you’re off-grid or want to reduce electric energy consumption, you can charge your bike using a solar power charger.


If you enjoy fishing in the great outdoors, then you appreciate the beauty of mother nature. With an eBike, you can do your bit to reduce emissions and your carbon footprint.

Ebikes have a low impact on the environment compared to other powered vehicles. They don’t use fossil fuels like ATVs or other vehicles, and they don’t release pollutants into the atmosphere. 

With an eBike, you can continue to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness knowing you’re doing your bit to help maintain and project it.

Three QuietKat electric bikes on a dirt road

What to look for in an electric bike for fishing

Whether fishing is your livelihood or just a recreational hobby, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best eBike for fishing that gives you value for money. Your eBike will be taking you across rough and remote terrain, so this isn’t a purchase you want to cut corners on. 

If you’re going to invest in a high-quality electric bike for fishing, here are some essential features to consider when shopping for an electric fishing bike.


Choosing the right tire on your eBike will significantly impact your bike’s overall comfort and stability. Fat tire electric bikes make your ride smoother and more comfortable. Good quality fat tires on an eBike will pay off by providing more stability and traction than a regular bicycle tire. 

Fat tires use more rubber and air than typical tires. The design of fat tires allows them to function with lower air pressure, so when you hit bumps out in the backcountry, the fat tires act as a cushion to absorb the impact. 

Anglers will be more comfortable riding a fat tire model and won’t be jarred or lose control of the bike. You can get through sand, mud, marsh, and the like with ease with a flat tire.

Motor placement

The motor placement on your eBike is an important consideration, and you may wonder why you should choose hub-drive vs. mid-drive motor

Electric fishing bikes with mid-motors have several advantages over hub motors. One advantage is their gear ratio, allowing riders to power their rear wheel via the same chain and gear set as their pedals. When climbing up a steep hill, you can accelerate from a stop by selecting a low gear.

Choosing a mid-drive motor model and using it in low gear allows you to power up steeper hills than a hub motor of similar power can - without overheating. 


Before buying an eBike, ask yourself, does it have enough to climb steep hills? Most purpose-built electric mountain bikes have a high-powered lithium battery between 750 and 1500 watts of power. We recommend choosing a bike with watts between 750w and 1000w.

But watts aren’t the only factor to consider when assessing a bike’s potential power. Amps are another vital spec to consider; the higher the amps on an eBike model, the more powerful your bike will be from the starting line.

Amps are like your bike’s horsepower, and amp hours are like your fuel tank. The more amp hours an electric bicycle has, the more life the battery will have after climbing up a steep hill after an hour.


It’s crucial when choosing an eBike to find a model with enough range to get you out and back from your ideal locations. Check the distance of your favorite spots and compare it to your eBike’s range. 

Battery sizes are different between bike models, but on average, QuietKat’s electric fishing bikes have 30-60 miles of range per battery on a single charge without pedaling. 

You’ll want to make sure you have enough juice to get both in and out. This range allows you to easily access lakes and streams that may have taken all day to reach on foot.

If you want to go even farther or stay overnight, you can easily do it with the help of additional batteries. QuietKat’s innovative solar charging kit recharges your bike while you fish so that you can use it for multi-day adventures!


When you head out fishing, you’re always going to carry expensive equipment, and if you’re lucky, bring back a decent catch. You’ve got to choose a bike with a good suspension that can handle the rider’s weight and gear. 

Fire-Link suspension like Quietkat’s RidgeRunner offers riders additional control over their bikes - even in unstable conditions such as mud or rain. With a good quality eBike, you can stop quickly at any moment, making the ride safer. There is no safer or more enjoyable way to travel through rough terrain than on a full-suspension electric bike.

Speed and control

You should make sure you have enough speed to get to your spot early but the proper control to make sure you navigate roads and trails safely. QuietKat bikes are capable of speeds of over 20 miles per hour, so they can get you to your favorite places quickly and efficiently.

Note that eBike regulations in most states classify bikes by three classes; all the classes limit the motor’s power to 1 horsepower. Generally, the nationwide speed limits are 20 miles per hour, although some states differ.


When you’re out in the wilderness, you want to try to avoid disturbing nature and your fellow anglers. The peace of the environment is part of the appeal of our sport. Unlike an ATV or four-wheeler, electric bikes are virtually silent. Your arrival on an eBike won’t disturb fish in shallow waters, local birdlife, or your fellow fishermen.

Weight limit

Whenever you head out on a fishing trip, you’re hauling a lot of expensive equipment, not to mention a cooler full of ice. So you’ll want to be sure to choose an eBike that can support the extra weight needed for fishing gear. 

Urban city electric bikes just aren’t designed to carry the heavy loads that anglers and hunters need to carry. That’s why QuietKat’s bikes are an excellent choice for fishing.

When you head out for a big day on the water, you’re sure to be packing on the weight. Your bike needs to be able to perform at its peak even with all your equipment in tow.

Bike weight

If the bike is too heavy, you’ll be stuck having to pedal it manually, defeating the purpose of going electric. Worse, if you get stuck in the mud, you won’t be able to lift your bike out. The bike’s weight is an important consideration for anglers who choose fishing spots with muddy banks. You should select a model that you can manually haul over a short distance if you need to.


Is your eBike durable enough to take on muddy trails and survive in inclement weather? You need a strong frame and components that can stand up to rain and more. QuietKat’s range of eBike can deal with even the worst conditions. You can even use them on snow with the addition of studded tires! QuietKat bikes are durable in snow, dirt, sand, and even a desert river bed.  

Additional features

To make the most of your eBike when fishing, you’ll probably want to attach some accessories. Panniers, cargo bags, and trailers are essential if you’re going to haul your gear with you. 

So when assessing an eBike, make sure to find out how easy it is to hook up racks and trailers for electric bikes. Check if there are easily compatible accessories and can hold the gear you need.

An angler releases a trout with his QuietKat electric fishing bike in the background

Best electric bikes for fishing

Electric fishing bikes have been around for a few years, and in a short period, eBike technology has come a long way. Not all eBikes are created equal. Some electric bike models are only intended and suitable for urban road use, so you can’t take just any eBike out on the backcountry trails. 

You’ll need to choose an electric fishing bike that functions well on any and all-terrain. Our three best electric bikes for fishing are the Jeep Ebike, Apex Ebike, and Ranger Ebike. Read on to see why these are our most recommended eBike models for fishing.

Apex Ebike

The Apex eBike is QuietKat’s most popular electric fat bike and makes an excellent bike for fishing. New features include a fully integrated battery and mid-drive motor and upgraded components. We’ve improved the frame geometry in 2021 to optimize ride quality and handling further. 

The Apex can easily cover the most rugged and advanced off-road terrain, including steep mountain ascents and descents on single track trails. 

The new heavy-duty pannier rack system allows anglers to haul more gear. The Apex has a load limit of 325 pounds and is compatible with a single-wheeled or two-wheeled trailer so that you can bring all your gear along for the ride.

Designed for all weather conditions, you can get out on the Apex even in wet, muddy, or icy conditions. The 12mm thru-axle on the rear and sealed bearings in both front and rear hubs allow for smooth riding and operation in all types of weather conditions.

A 15.5” frame is available in this model for smaller riders, allowing women, teens, and a more comprehensive range of riders to experience the joys of fishing with an eBike.

Ranger Ebike

The QuietKat Ranger is prepared for the challenges ahead and is ready for action, even in hostile territory. The 2021 Ranger model has an all-new integrated pannier rack, battery, and motor system.

The Ranger’s updated frame geometry is paired with focused weight distribution to optimize your ride quality and the bike’s handling. The adjustable dropouts make it easier to adjust the wheelbase or run a single-speed drivetrain for simplicity.

 a QuietKat fishing eBike tows a single-wheel trailer

Electric Fishing Bike Angler’s Kit

There are several eBike accessories you can attach to an electric bike to elevate your riding and fishing experience. Here are some of the accessories that you can add to your angler’s kit to make your bike your ultimate fishing buddy.

Paniers & Cargo Bags

Panniers, racks, and cargo bags allow you to carry extra gear instead of, or in addition to utilizing a trailer. Pannier bags are a good size for fishing gear and tackle kits; QuietKat’s pannier bags are waterproof and designed for use in variable weather. 

Our waterproof pannier bags hang on either side of the rear wheel of your electric bike. The design allows for quick attachment and removal.


A cooler like the 50L Gore Cargo Cooler is a must-have accessory for any outdoor adventure. This well-insulated cooler doubles as a dry bag and fits snugly in the QuietKat Single-Wheel Trailer. It’s a great way to carry food, drinks, ice, and catch and keep everything cold for days on end. 

Rhino Grip

The Rhino Grip XL line is ideal for hunters, overlanders, and anglers. The Rhino Grips have been redesigned for increased clamping function so you can carry extra gear on your electric bike. These grips allow you to add up to 15 pounds of carrying strength for your medium-weight equipment and are ideal for fishing rods. 


It’s easy to attach a trailer to your eBike and cart a wider variety of gear or more drinks and snacks. QuietKat has single and double-wheel all-terrain cargo trailers that are easy to maneuver in tight areas and designed to tackle the same rough terrain as your bike.

The 2020 QuietKat Cargo Trailer is perfect for packing your gear in and out. It can carry up to 100lbs on your QuietKat electric bike


Lights are a bike safety essential when you’re heading out in the early morning, returning at dusk, or even night fishing. Front and tail bike lights guide your way and make you visible to other riders or vehicles. If you want to do any night fishing, whether at the beach or on the lake, you’ll definitely want to rig some lights onto your bike for safety.

Our Front Explorer 900 Bike Light is a practical headlight that features both red and white lights for stealth access and visibility, great for hunters and anglers.


Fenders are an essential addition to your eBike if you plan to head out in muddy or wet conditions. Our range of front and rear fenders prevent mud, water, or grit from flying off of the tire and into the rider’s eyes.

Ready to go fishing?

An eBike is a must for a serious fisherman who wants to spend more time fishing and less time getting from A to B. 

Traveling by eBike is a fun way to experience fishing and see parts of this country’s beautiful rivers and valleys from a bike. An eBike helps you get to areas that would otherwise not be practical.

QuietKat’s line of electric bikes for fishing can help you get to your destination faster and allow further exploration and adventure. 

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