The Best E-Bike Trails in the United States

The US has thousands of bike and backcountry trails that are open to eBikes. Check out some of these EMTB riding tips for world-class eBike trails found across this beautiful nation. 

Gear Up! How to use gears on your eBike

So you have a new eBike, but you're not sure how to use all the gears that come with it. Read our guide to learn how to use the right gears at the right time.

Guide to Electric Bike Maintenance

Regular electric bike maintenance is essential, especially if you are riding hard through rough or muddy terrain. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your bike on the road and out of the repair shop.

Can You Ride Fat Tire E-Bikes in the Snow?

Here we are to state the obvious: it’s cold these days. And dark. With the fewer daylight hours to get out there and explore, we find ourselves mo...

The 2020 QuietKat Holiday Gift Guide

The sun never sets on an outdoor adventure. No matter what the view is out the front door, there’s a reason to get out and explore. E-bik...

Imogene Pass and Ophir Pass on the Jeep e-Bike

We met the crew from the Jeep Jamboree for their annual Ouray Colorado event to show off the new Jeep e-Bike by QuietKat and to snag the first Jeep Badge of Honor

Everything you need to know about all-terrain electric bicycles

First things first: when we say it’s an “all-terrain electric bicycle,” we mean it. The full QuietKat e-bike lineup is specifically designed to do...

Which Electric Off-Road Bike is Best for Hills?

Simply, a powerful electric motor, powerful brakes, and a high-quality full-suspension build are the most important things to consider when you’re...

Best National Parks to Ride an E-bike

Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are increasingly popular. They give easier access to exploring the outdoors, traveling longer distances, tackling bi...

Holy Cross EBike Rebate Program

QuietKat is pleased to share that our local friends over at Holy Cross Electric Association, Inc. have announced a $200 EBike Rebate Program that w...

A Deep Woods Rescue Only a QuietKat Could Do

In the St. Joe National Forest, Idaho, a woman was badly injured. Helicopters couldn't reach her but a QuietKat electric mountain bike could.

Can I Ride a QuietKat Electric Bike in a National Park?

For electric bikes, the laws governing their use in national parks vary from state to state. So how can you determine if you can ride your QuietKat on your next national park trip?
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