Electric Bike Commuter Accessories: Gear to make that long ride a lot nicer

Commuting on an eBike is becoming increasingly popular as a fun alternative to hours spent in traffic. With the right commuter bike accessories, you can make your daily commute fun, comfortable, and so much easier than traditional cycling. 

The Best E-Bike Trails in the United States

The US has thousands of bike and backcountry trails that are open to eBikes. Check out some of these EMTB riding tips for world-class eBike trails found across this beautiful nation. 

Gear Up! How to use gears on your eBike

So you have a new eBike, but you're not sure how to use all the gears that come with it. Read our guide to learn how to use the right gears at the right time.

Electric Hunting Bike Guide

The use of electric bikes for hunting is growing at a rapid pace and with good reason.  As the saying goes, trophies aren't found in your backyard,...

Choosing the Best Electric Bike for Kids

When it comes to finding an eBike for kids, safety, reliability, and ease-of-use is paramount. Electric bikes are an awesome way for kids to cruise...

Step-Through E-Bikes: A Frame Designed for Comfortable Riding

The development of step-through eBikes has created a game-changing riding experience for young and old. Step-through bike frames are a trusted choi...

Imogene Pass and Ophir Pass on the Jeep e-Bike

We met the crew from the Jeep Jamboree for their annual Ouray Colorado event to show off the new Jeep e-Bike by QuietKat and to snag the first Jeep Badge of Honor

QuietKat Electric Bikes Can Go Where ATVs Can't

You and your hunting partners are riding your ATVs through the forest down to another hunting site. This ground isn’t new to you - you’ve captured game here before, so you feel confident as you accelerate over the trails. But just as you're about to reach your destination, your journey comes to a screeching halt.

QuietKat Off Road Electric Bikes For Camping? Definitely.

Imagine you're taking the family on a camping trip to a sweet spot you found hiking. Fortunately you have a QuietKat off-road electric bike.

Hunters with Limited Mobility Still Enjoy Their Favorite Sport on a Quiet Kat

For hunters who have endured accidents leading to painful, immobilizing injuries, their favorite sport, unfortunately, becomes compromised. Whether...

This Deer Hunter Says His Quiet Kat is 'A Real Game Changer' 

Seasoned deer hunter, Don Higgins, has 40 years of hunting experience under his belt, and Don says for hunting, "access is everything." Don unders...

Zion 750 Performance Amazes QuietKat Customer

When electric mountain bikes first hit the market, 53-year-old whitetail deer hunter, Pat Lefemine, was skeptical. But after his experience with QuietKat Zion 750, that skepticism didn’t take long to fade.
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