Hunting Whitetails with Electric Bikes - HuntStand

Ride along with the team at HuntStand as they take QuietKat's all-terrain electric bikes out for thorough test.

Deer Hunting with an eBike

More and more deer hunters are turning to eBikes as a fast and fuel-efficient way to hunt. Read on to learn why many hunters are ditching their ATVs and switching to electric bikes for deer hunting.

QuietKat Electric Bikes Can Go Where ATVs Can't

You and your hunting partners are riding your ATVs through the forest down to another hunting site. This ground isn’t new to you - you’ve captured game here before, so you feel confident as you accelerate over the trails. But just as you're about to reach your destination, your journey comes to a screeching halt.

Can QuietKat Electric Bikes Be Used in Winter Weather?

Can you ride your QuietKat even when winter is at full throttle? You bet. QuietKat electric mountain bikes stand up to harsh winter weather and power through the season, regardless of hail, snow, ice or sub-zero temps. 

Hunters with Limited Mobility Still Enjoy Their Favorite Sport on a Quiet Kat

For hunters who have endured accidents leading to painful, immobilizing injuries, their favorite sport, unfortunately, becomes compromised. Whether...

This Deer Hunter Says His Quiet Kat is 'A Real Game Changer' 

Seasoned deer hunter, Don Higgins, has 40 years of hunting experience under his belt, and Don says for hunting, "access is everything." Don unders...
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